E3 2010: Hands on With Gran Turismo 5 in 3D

With Sony's recent foray into 3D gaming, fans of Sony's superstar racer, Gran Turismo 5, were obviously pretty stoked to learn it had 3D support. I had a chance to 'take her for a test drive' today, and I have to say - the 3D works.

The first thing you notice when you put on the glasses (unlike the 3DS, Sony's 3D technology requires eyewear) is that the rotating Gran Turismo logo jumps out at you a little. The menus obviously didn't quite do the 3D engine justice, so I made the key decision to actually play the game. Jumping into a course, I selected a muscle car and gripped the wheel. Sony's display was the real deal: racecar seat, dashboard, pedals and a force-feedback wheel completed the set.

The game loaded extremely quickly and showed the cars driving into position. Let me be one of the first to tell you the 3D hits you like a bomb, it was a pretty awesome effect to see unfold before your eyes. The cars zoomed by the camera and suddenly I was in the game, deftly swerving in between my opponents. No wait, I actually swerved right into a wall and had no idea how to reverse. But hey, a quick restart and the I was back on equal running.

Gran Turismo 5 Gardemeister

I proceeded to then drive more carefully, and cars zoomed by me on the corners. At least this let me appreciate the beauty of the course a little more, and trust me - the detail they've put into the course is unparalleled. I was informed that the development team spent months just taking thousands upon thousands of photos of each course for extremely precise recreations; just the thing PolyPhony are known for.

One thing I must state - the regular version of Gran Turismo 5 was next to my 3D version, and the graphics on the regular version were noticeably sleeker. The 3D version things still rendered things well, but it was without that noticeable edge that PolyPhony has on their gorgeous games. It was still good, but it wasn't quite the same.

The game itself was as any hardcore fan would expect: it runs amazingly well, and it is, in short, the best racing game out there. With over 950 cars and a huge number of courses, there's no limit to selection for the player.

Gran Turismo 5 should be ready to hit the road on November 2 in North America, and according to the Sony Conference, will have booth the 3D version and the regular version on the same disc.

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