darksidersDarksiders, the action adventure game from Vigil Games and THQ, has done well enough for a sequel to be greenlit. Darksiders 2 is in development and will be released in 2012. The announcement of a sequel is also seen as a sign that Darksiders is making the jump from single game to franchise, with thoughts of a third game already being discussed.

THQ’s VP of core games, Danny Bilson elaborated on the company’s plans for the franchise.

“[Darksiders] did about twice as much as Red Faction. It’s done pretty well. I believe that franchise building isn’t about a zillion units out of the gate, it’s about building a fan base, building a community of people that dig it, listening to them, doing what you think is good. The second one will be twice as big as the first one and the third one you get to big numbers.”

No details about the sequel have been revealed. Rumors, however, have THQ considering including all of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse in the sequel where, in the original, gamers only controlled War. Adding a multiplayer element to the game would be a welcome addition and increase the interest for the game. When creating a sequel to a well-reviewed game, the bar is already set pretty high, and it is up to the developers to produce a game that will raise it even higher. Full four-player co-op would be very ambitious, and may have been too ambitious to try in the first game.

In this day and age, the scrapped ideas of one game may show up in future iterations of the franchise. Developers tend to get more experimental and bolder to push the envelope to keep the property fresh and pushing forward.

Are you excited about the potential of a trilogy of Darksiders games?

Source: CVG