Dynasty Warriors 9 Will Be PS4 Exclusive

dynasty warriors 9 playstation 4 exclusive game

In the modern video game landscape, it seems that more and more titles are console-exclusive releases. Whether certain games are slated to hit only Microsoft's Xbox One upon launch, or if a title claims it'll stick to PC systems from the jump, exclusivity is becoming the norm. The latest game to express its console loyalty is Dynasty Warriors 9, which will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

Last December, game developer and publisher Koei Tecmo announced Dynasty Warriors 9 (also known as Shin Sangokumusou 8) and implied that additional news would break soon after. However, it wasn't until late April 2017 that Dynasty Warriors 9 producer Akihiro Suzuki followed up on Koei Tecmo's declaration, apologizing for the delay and promising that more information would be released in May.

dynasty warriors 9 ps4

The day has finally come, and Dynasty Warriors 9 hopefuls have learned that the upcoming title will release exclusively for the Sony PlayStation 4 console. In an article published by Famitsu, it's been confirmed that Dynasty Warriors 9 will be the first open-world title in the Dynasty Warriors series.

Additional information explains that the soon-to-launch game deviates from the franchise's more stock action, which sees a single male protagonist battling against an entire army. Instead, Dynasty Warriors 9 players will get the chance to show off their fighting skills by sniping enemies from a considerable distance and using grappling hooks to swing into opponents' safe-houses, fortresses, and castles. Talk about clever gameplay movesDynasty Warriors 9 will also feature all-new characters, like the warlord Cheng Pu, and various technical improvements.

dynasty warriors 9 ps4 exclusive

An update to the Dynasty Warriors 9 announcement clarifies that Koei Tecmo will still focus the title's gameplay experience on large-scale battles. The game will introduce new Interactive Actions that allow players to climb walls and mountains and adds in a State Combo system that presents fans with a multitude of response options contingent upon the scenario and the status of your enemy.

Maps and missions have also been tweaked for Dynasty Warriors 9. Players can traverse all of China within the Three Kingdoms era through on enormous map, rather than multiple, smaller-sectioned stages. This will, in turn, improve players' experience in capturing regions. Lead a charge on a castle, fire weapons from far away, and play through a full day/night cycle that features a detailed, immersive weather system.

Fans can find missions within the expansive map, but they may also locate core, quick-advancing missions that alter the historical progression of time in Dynasty Warriors 9. Core missions are intended to be quite a bit more difficult than standard ones, but Koei Tecmo explained that if players complete the game's meaningful side quests, core mission difficulty decreases.

dynasty warriors 9 playstation

Koei Tecmo has reportedly completed 40 percent of the Dynasty Warriors 9 development for PlayStation 4, but no details were given on a possible release window. The forthcoming title follows in the footsteps of countless other PlayStation 4 exclusives like Days Gone and God of War. Who knows, perhaps Dynasty Warriors 9 will release alongside a highly buzzed-about PS4-only game: the Hideo Kojima-directed Death Stranding.

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