'Dynasty Warriors 7' Gameplay Trailer & Character Screens

Dynasty Warriors 7 Gameplay Trailer and Screens

With third-person action games multiplying by the year, it would seem that nearly every gamer in the world could find something to like within the genre. For those of you who love some intense and stylized combat set within ancient Chinese kingdoms, Dynasty Warriors 7 is a game to look forward to. To show how much the graphics and mechanics have improved, Tecmo Koei has released another gameplay video and screens of the game's various characters.

If the Dynasty Warriors series isn't your cup of tea, then the new details on Dynasty Warriors 7 likely won't be of interest, but if you've found yourself hooked on Omega Force's previous outings, then you're sure to notice the various changes made this time around.

Aside from bringing back the series' former 'charge' system allowing players to end combo chains with more powerful attacks, DW7 will be giving players the ability to carry two different weapons at a time. Each weapon has a unique finishing move, which should offer some variety to the at-times repetitive combos.

Well, to call them repetitive would be an understatement, but fans of the series decided a long time ago that the endless chains of hacking and slashing were more fun than boring, and the inclusion of companion animals like pandas and elephants is as refreshing as it is awesome.

To see the improved look of the game for yourself, have a look at some of Dynasty Warriors 7 in action:


The video not only gives a look at the highly-stylized characters and fighting styles, but a peek at the new morale mechanic. The system will still be acting in the background, replacing the on-screen bar indicating the overall shift of the battle with contextual comments given by your own officers.

Dynasty Warriors 7 will also be moving farther away from previous titles by offering players the chance to roam China freely, and craft their own story along the way. The new mode, called 'Conquest' will also enable local or online co-op play, which will come as seriously big news to the hardcore fan base.

Along with a new look at the game's action, the developers have released a few looks at a handful of Dynasty Warriors 7's roster of characters, showing that the style and personality of the game's cast won't be changing one bit:

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There's no question that the series has some haters, content to mock the game's 'mindless' combat and enemies, while at the same time enjoying the various graphic executions of another third-person title like God of War 3 or Devil May Cry. The fact is that the series has a serious fan following, so we applaud Omega Force for bringing the game into the modern era one step at a time.

Are you excited for Dynasty Warriors 7, or has the series never managed to sink its claws into you?

Dynasty Warriors 7 will be released in North America on March 29 and Europe on April 8, for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

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