10 Things We Want To See In Dying Light 2

From the same developer as Dead Island, Dying Light released in early 2015 and was a critic success. Its usage of parkour mechanics and weapon modding made it stand out from other zombie games. Not to be confused with Dead Island, Dying Light is set in a different location. Whether they are even in the same universe has yet to be addressed. It's not out of the question for the two prolific horror zombie games to share a world.

Fast forward to now, Dying Light 2 is on the approach, and a few gameplay trailers have been released. Dying Light 2 is scheduled to release sometime in 2020 and will release for current-gen consoles, PS5, and Project Scarlett.

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10 A Greater Emphasis On Parkour

For those who don't know, parkour is a training discipline that involves using real-world environments to reach a destination. Originating in France, it requires everything from wall climbing, base jumping, and swinging.

Parkour is an integral part of Dying Light, and it is a reason the game sticks out in a saturated zombie video game market. Techland should expand on players' parkour capabilities by adding new techniques. Judging by what limited footage we've seen in the gameplay trailers, it looks like Dying Light 2 will have more advanced parkour mechanics.

9 More Intricate Modded Weapons

It goes without saying that players are going to expect new modded weapon in Dying Light 2. Rather than add weapons to Dying Light 2, we want to see more complicated designs which surprise players. The Buzz Killer (shown in the above photo) is an example of a smart Dying Light weapon.

The Buzz Killer combines a two-handed hammer with a motorized saw. It delivers some of the most riveting kills we see in Dying Light. Of course, Dying Light 2 should bring back weapons from the first game; it should also introduce new ones.

8 Free-To-Play Downloadable Content

Dying Light: The Following is an expansion pack that released for Dying Light in February 2016. Since Dying Light released over a year before, not a lot of people got a chance to play it.

Dying Light: The Following is a sensational experience and a must-play. An introduction of vehicles is one of the reasons it excels. Instead of making it a pay-to-play DLC, add expansion packs for free. It will encourage more players to buy the game and help prevent alienating their fanbase.

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7 Stunning Visuals That Exceed Expectations

The first Dying Light game was an achievement in graphics, sound, and gameplay. Graphics are not the end-all when it comes to the enjoyability of a video game. However, as a series that is known for beautiful graphics, we can't help but expect the same in the sequel.

So far, the gameplay trailers look promising, and Dying Light 2 is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated zombie games since Left 4 Dead 2. Breathtaking visuals will create an immersive environment that we won't easily forget.

6 A More Intriguing Villain

It seems unlikely that Rais will return to Dying Light 2. As the primary protagonist of Dying Light, Rais is a menace who becomes the acting governor of Harran. Formerly a colonel in the military, some of the atrocities that Rais commits are reprehensible.

Dying Light 2 should have a more fascinating villain than Dying Light. It should have someone who is the epitome of evil and cares nothing for the innocent. We can only guess what Techland will do with the story at this point. If it continues from Dying Light or branches into a new story will have to be seen.

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5 More Virals (Zombies)


Days Gone is a controversial zombie survival game that is disliked by many critics, but loved by others. It's hard to believe that Days Gone, an open-world zombie game with gorgeous graphics received negative reviews. One thing Days Gone did beautifully was adding swarms of zombies. It contributed to the liveliness of the zombie game.

Dying Light 2 could learn a few things from Days Gone. Instead of small clusters of zombies, Dying Light can double-down by adding massive swarms to the game. Dying Light has excellent enemy variety but could work on quantity.

4 Make Safe Zones A Challenge To Conquer

Clearing Safe Zones was easy as pie in the original Dying Light. Safe Zones act as a haven for players who want to escape Dying Light's demonic zombies. Clearing Safe Zones can involve solving puzzles and defeating tough enemies.

Techland needs to add to the challenge of clearing safe zones, but not make it a fail-hard type of situation. Complex puzzles and arduous boss fights could make clearing Safe Zones more enjoyable. Perhaps challenging parkour stunts could be a prerequisite for clearing Safe Zones.

3 More WTF Moments

Players should be so enthused about the game their playing that they will want to record what they've just done. The ability to throw enemies off of rooftops is something we saw in the first Dying Light game. We need more surprising moments that give the game a wow factor.

Massive explosions, destructible buildings, or mind-blowing parkour stunts; there is a seemingly endless amount of possibilities for Dying Light 2. Techland is going to have to buckle down and give us an experience that will have us talking at the water cooler the next day.

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2 Quests That Stay Forever

Please Techland, make it easier for players to replay missions. A significant amount of people want to replay side and main story missions, yet Dying Light doesn't make it easy for players. Main missions are accessible from the title screen where players have to choose the advanced option to select an old mission.

This is much too complicated, and this doesn't cover the game's side missions. Players should be able to replay missions from within the game, and the missions should never disappear.

1 A Larger And More Connected City

In retrospect, it's clear that Dying Light suffered since most of the city was locked during the campaign. Only after reaching a certain point in the missions were players able to reach Old Town via the sewers.

It felt as if the areas of Dying Light were disconnected, and this is something developer Techland Publishing will need to work on. It goes without saying that Dying Light 2's map should be larger than the first. As reported by, "Dying Light 2's game world will be four times bigger than the whole game world before."

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