Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition Map Explored in Trailer


Developer Techland releases a fresh trailer highlighting a newly explorable region in its forthcoming release of Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition.

According to Techland's newest trailer for Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition, a new area called Countryside is set to be included in the forthcoming DLC, and is touted as being "twice as big as the maps from the original game." Dying Light's new environments are quite diverse, including a granary, a lighthouse, a hermit's cabin, a spooky ghost town, an even eerier old graveyard, as well as a dirt race track for fans of the survival-horror release to test out the forthcoming vehicle customization features.

While Countryside does indeed appear to be a sizable world to explore, it's important for developers to have also provided Dying Light fans with a fresh experience rather than simply have The Following DLC be just another place for gamers to drive around, practice parkour, and slay zombies. That being said, Techland has vowed satisfying gameplay with the expansion, as "all the locations are full of little details that tell various apocalyptic stories if you look closely and the most inquisitive will surely discover dozens of rewarding secrets."

Although Techland doesn't exactly intimate what those “secrets” might be, it's definitely a nice selling point on the developer's part to incentivize fans to pick up The Following (the standalone expansion version for those who already own Dying Light) or the Enhanced Edition (a complete package of the base game, as well as The Following's forthcoming add-ons). Bearing that in mind, those who want a better look at Countryside's new areas can check out the spots in the trailer below, and speculate what kind of hidden goodies will be incorporated into the game.


Considering everything that's been announced for Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition thus far, the expansion materials appear to be fairly substantial. For example, on top of the new area, enemies, characters, and adventures, Techland will also be adding a Nightmare difficulty mode for fans who want an even more intense challenge while playing the game. Not to mention, developers have announced the inclusion of a three-tiered system of bounties to help enliven gameplay with a variety of tasks and quests.

Due to the fact that Dying Light's sales have already made it Techland's most popular game, it's highly likely that The Following DLC will not only increase the studio's bottom line, but also appease fans. And even though it's less than two weeks away before the expansion's release, there's still a possibility of developers unveiling more materials before its launch.

What do you think about Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition's Countryside area? Do you believe it will provide a bountiful boost in the amount of things to do in the game, or is it being over-hyped? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition will be available on February 9th for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and the base game is available now for the aforementioned platforms.

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