Techland announces that the Dying Light season pass price and the stand alone price for The Following expansion are getting a small price increase starting on December 8.

Earlier today Techland announced that the upcoming expansion for the popular first person survival game, Dying Light, is getting a price increase. Originally announced at a $14.99 price point back in August, the expansion has received an influx of content, and grown significantly in size. As of now, the developer has moved into the polishing stage, indicating that the development cycle is almost complete on the project.  While the expansion could now exist as a standalone title, Techland has made the decision to raise the price by five dollars to $19.99 in an effort to prevent any further development delays.

As a quasi-apology, Techland is giving players two weeks to lock in the current season pass of $19.99 before it raises by ten dollars to $29.99. In addition to including The Following, season pass owners also gain access to a couple of new missions, seven unique in-game items including weapons and gear, and The Bozak Horde add-on, which introduces additional gameplay elements. Current season pass owners or gamers who purchase the pass prior to December 8 will not be asked to pay any more after that point.

The Following picks up six months after the events of the main game and sees main character Kyle Crane moving to the outback region outside of the city of Harran. In addition to a brand new enemy faction, players will be able to run around a new map that’s as big as as the one from the main game. All-terrain dirt buggies have also been added to assist in quick map navigation and can be fully customized by the player including having its own skill tree to upgrade as well.

Dying Light has proven to be a big success for Techland after its release back in January. The game managed to quickly become Techland’s biggest selling game ever and has continued to evolve through DLC and through clever promotions such as when Techland poked fun at the Destiny/Red Bull quest news. With a massive expansion getting ready for release early next year, it’s clear Techland is working to keep fans happy for the long term. For more on Dying Light, make sure to check out our review.

Dying Light is now available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The Following expansion doesn’t have a release date yet but is expected early in 2016.