In a surprising collaboration between Techland and Psyonix, Dying Light: The Following players can now download a Rocket League skin for their dune buggy.

Odd video game collaborations are nothing new, but the latest may be one of the most unexpected pairings yet. Rocket League developer Psyonix has teamed with Dying Light developer Techland to add Rocket League DLC to the zombie-infested parkour action game.

The Rocket League DLC for Dying Light is available now to anyone that owns The Following expansion for Dying Light. To download the DLC, simply visit the Dying Light Dockets page and enter the following code: LightMyRocket.

The Rocket League-themed DLC for Dying Light consists of a new skin for the player’s dune buggy. For those that have yet to purchase The Following expansion for the game, it adds dune buggies to the mix, and as we pointed out in our Dying Light: The Following review, the dune buggies change the Dying Light experience for the better. However, being able to cruise the countryside and smash into zombies with a Rocket League skin should make the dune buggies even more enjoyable for fans of Psyonix’s unique car/soccer hybrid game.

Check out the Rocket League skin that can be downloaded right now for Dying Light: The Following in the trailer below.

It’s nice that Dying Light: The Following owners can download a Rocket League skin for their dune buggies, but what about Rocket League players? Well, as it turns out, this collaboration goes both ways, as some Dying Light-themed content will be added to Rocket League later this year.

The Dying Light DLC for Rocket League will come in the form of cosmetic garage options, which should allow players to trick out their cars to match Techland’s open world zombie game. Unfortunately, no images or videos have been released of the Dying Light DLC for Rocket League just yet, but hopefully it is shown soon.

For fans of Rocket League, it’s probably good to see Psyonix work to keep the game relevant well into 2016. Rocket League was a surprise success when it released last summer, and if Psyonix keeps supporting it with a steady stream of DLC – especially themed DLC like the upcoming Dying Light content and the recently released Batman v Superman DLC – then we think it should have no problem maintaining its community in 2016.

Will you be downloading the Rocket League DLC for Dying Light: The Following? What about the Dying Light DLC for Rocket League? What other games would you like to see Dying Light and Rocket League crossover with? Get at us in the comments and leave us your thoughts.

Dying Light is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: IGN