In an industry that’s often heavily criticized for being too prone to sequels rather than exploring new IPs, there’s something special about a new title that doesn’t have any links to an existing brand. The opportunity to experience something new is one that many gamers cherish, but the opportunity to experience something fresh in an incredibly popular genre provides its own brand of intrigue. That’s where Warner Bros. Interactive‘s Dying Light comes into play.

Dying Light is a brand new title that’s being created by Techland (the developer behind the Dead Island franchise), so the team has a rather solid background in the zombie genre. What’s allegedly going to set the new game apart from other first-person zombie properties is the “portentous day-night cycle” that occurs within a massive open-world. As day turns to night, players will be forced to do everything in their power to stay alive until the sun rises again, but there are some seriously deadly enemies that only emerge while the sun is down.

This concept sounds an awful lot like Minecraft — strictly in the sense that a majority of the life-threatening terrors emerge at night — but given the unavoidable panic induced by seeking some sort of shelter during sunset, gamers could be in for a truly horrifying experience. The game also boasts free-running mechanics to help legitimize the movements one may have while running for their lives from a horde of undead citizens.

There’s still much left to see and learn about Dying Light, but its initial premise and screenshots give gamers hope that it could be something truly enjoyable. Hopefully Techland is taking the criticisms it received from Dead Island: Riptide games and will apply them to Warner Bros’ newest gaming property.

With E3 2013 just weeks away, more details on Dying Light are sure to surface very soon. In the meantime, stay tuned to Game Rant for more information on Techland’s latest zombie game as it arrives.

Dying Light will be shuffling onto the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, and PC in 2014.

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