'Dying Light' Pre-Order Bonus Includes 'Be the Zombie' PvP Mode

Dying Light Pax 2013 Screen - Attacking Zombie

Although we didn't make a proper Best of E3 2013 list, one of the titles that caught our eye amongst the deluge of reboots, remakes, sequels, and prequels was Dying Light. Yes, the game bares a striking resemblance to developer Techland's other prized IP, Dead Island, but Dying Light looks to offer something a little deeper than that other zombie survival title.

To further emphasize that point, Warner Bros. has announced a new pre-order exclusive mode for Dying Light called "Be the Zombie." As the name suggests, this mode lets players take control of a member of the lumbering horde, and fight fellow zombies for nighttime supremacy.

While games like Left 4 Dead have offered gamers the chance to step into the shoes of the undead, Dying Light puts players in control of a unique type of zombie called the Hunter. In the world of Dying Light, Hunters are the zombies that are not to be trifled with; they are why players will want to get to shelter before sunset in the campaign.

As you may recall from our E3 2013 preview of Dying Light, or even the E3 demo that made its way online, the Hunter has some unique abilities that make it a much more formidable adversary than the daylight-walking zombies. The hunters are much faster than the average zombie and are capable of sniffing out humans with their special tendril.

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For gamers, the idea of zombified players battling each other and not a human sect could add a unique twist to the typical multiplayer experience. Dead Island, for example, put human players together and let them try to survive against AI zombies, whereas "Be the Zombie" takes the human element completely out. Or at least that's what it sounds like based on the press release.

While details are slim with regards to this player vs. player mode, we do know that the mode comes exclusively with all pre-orders of Dying Light regardless of retailer. Why Techland or Warner Bros. decided to lock an intriguing multiplayer experience behind a pre-order pay wall is a little confusing, but maybe they'll explain that decision in due time. There's also plenty of time for gamers to decide whether to pre-order as well, as the game isn't slated to hit current and next-gen platforms until some time in 2014.

Will you pre-order Dying Light for this "Be the Zombie" mode? What other types of multiplayer modes would you like to see Techland include in the game?

Dying Light is targeting a 2014 release on the PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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