‘Dying Light’ Beaten Without Any Weapons

There are few things that are constant within video games, aside from the heroics of Italian plumbers. We’ve seen the rise and fall of local co-op and video game empires as powerful as Sega suffer through hard times. However, one thing that gamers have always found time for is the chance to compete against other players to get the highest score, the most impressive victories and the most outrageous bragging rights.

Of course, the method of trying to impress gaming peers has changed dramatically over time. Although gaming tournaments continue to thrive, with the latest League of Legends championship filling a stadium in Korea, there are now other means for gamers to share their proudest moments. The YouTube video is now king, and MMO Destiny has been subject to a number of impressive team achievements, including beating the hard mode of the Crota’s End raid within hours of it going live.

Now, another game has been beaten in a rather fantastic manner. A tenacious gamer has beaten the recent survival horror title Dying Light without the use of any of the game’s weapons. YouTube user BOYvsVIDEOGAME has taken protagonist Kyle Crane through the entirety of Dying Light using only his fists, kicks, and skillful evasion techniques. You can see BOYvsVIDEOGAME’s feat below:

Dying Light no weapon run header

The YouTube user’s “Van Damme" run is a play through involving "no weapons, fists & kicks only” and had its final video uploaded only yesterday. It marks the first time that someone has completed Dying Light without the use of any of the game’s melee or ranged weaponry. BOYvsVIDEOGAME managed to exploit the movement patterns of Dying Light’s zombie antagonists and cannily use the environment to work out how to evade and defeat the undead horde.

Dying Light’s key selling point was the ability to use parkour as well as traditional zombie-killing methods, so theoretically that game mechanic should have been a usable technique for the entirety of the game. Evasion is certainly much more at home in Dying Light than it is in Destiny, where a set of intrepid gamers has managed to make a weapon-free run of one of the game’s most difficult raids. Even so, BOYvsVIDEOGAME deserves plenty of respect, particularly given the fact that Dying Light has its share of boss battles, and adds human enemies into the mix.

So far, Dying Light has had a mixed to positive reception. The environment and parkour elements have provided a lot of fun moments, although the game still feels somewhat repetitive with some raising issues about unnecessary side quests. Even so, the game still has plenty of promise and appears to have found some devoted fans that have enjoyed the most impressive elements of the title, much like Techland's previous series Dead Island. The game also has its share of hidden prizes, including easter eggs and a cheeky reference to Destiny's loot cave.

Dying Light is out now for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.


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