Although the release of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is only a few months away, for some super fans the 5-month wait is still too long. One fan in particular has decided to keep himself occupied in the meantime, by creating an homage to Mirror’s Edge’s first level using the mod tools in Dying Light.

Although it’s not yet finished, the modded Mirror’s Edge level is extremely impressive. Obviously some of the aesthetic details are different because of Dying Light’s zombie apocalypse look, but the red and white interiors capture the spirit of DICE’s free-running cult classic very well.

Even beyond nailing the color scheme and the aesthetics of the Mirror’s Edge level, what’s most impressive is that this is (or will be when finished) a 1:1 remake of the original game’s opening. Everything is to scale and perfectly recreated in the Dying Light world.

Although Dying Light launched to mid-to-high reviews from critics, players flocked to the title in early 2015. However, while many of the early year releases fizzled out, Dying Light has found a way to sustain thanks to mods like this, and the promise of a major expansion, called The Following, in 2016.

But, while the Mirror’s Edge map is impressive, it’s not without its speed bumps. According to the map’s creator, life has simply got in the way and prevented him from putting as much time into the mod as he’d like. He’s also been working on an exact replica of Assassin’s Creed 2’s Monteriggioni for quite some time, but a lack of free time has prevented that mod from getting finished as well.

So, rather than let his work go unnoticed, the modder decided to release this Mirror’s Edge map recreation in an “alpha” state so that, at the very least, people can see his tremendous work. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound as if the project will ever get finished, at least not by its original creator.

For as much as we like to tout impressive mods like those recently seen in Fallout 4 – check out the Randy Savage mod if you haven’t seen it – or Grand Theft Auto 5, ultimately it can become a job to get these projects finished. Smaller things, like pushing around some code to make expanded dialogue options isn’t as labor intensive, but recreating an entire map using mod tools for a different game can’t be a simply task. Our hats off to this modder regardless and we hope that his work doesn’t go unnoticed by people in the industry.

Have you seen any impressive Dying Light mods like this?

Source: Steam (via VG 24/7)