'Dying Light' Includes Super Mario Bros. Level Easter Egg

Dying Light Mario Bros Easter Egg Level

By now most readers know our thoughts on Techland’s latest first person survival title Dying Light, but if not make sure to read our review. While the game showed a lot of potential, and offered some enjoyable gameplay and mechanics, the overall product fell slightly short of our expectations.

However, if there’s one overwhelmingly positive quality about the game it’s that Dying Light always kept its sense of humor. It’s wholly evident while playing the game, but is becoming clearer as players uncover more playful secrets and Easter Eggs within the new release.

From an EXPcalibur sword to a parody of Destiny’s loot cave, Dying Light has so far offered up some pretty fun Easter Eggs. This latest one, though, is arguably the best we’ve seen yet. Check it out below.


As the video shows, there is a special pipe hidden in the second open world area of Dying Light that will unlock an homage to one of the greatest games and most iconic game levels of all time. We, of course, are talking about Super Mario Bros. and its World 1-1 level.

What’s great about this World 1-1 homage is that the Dying Light mechanics give players the chance to explore the level from the first person perspective and with some added parkour skills. But even though there are some changes, developer Techland still did a solid job of replicating the look and feel of original Super Mario Bros. Even the zombies look like goombas.

More importantly than that, the World 1-1 Easter Egg actually rewards players with some experience after reaching the final flagpole. But the biggest takeaway from the Easter Egg is likely the feeling of nostalgia that seeing those crude blocks and generic clouds brings out.

Now, we’re curious more than ever to uncover all the Easter Eggs Dying Light has packed within its admittedly substantial campaign and sprawling open world areas. We thought Excalibur was just a tiny in-joke, but this Super Mario Bros. homage makes us think the known Easter Eggs are just the tip of the iceberg. The hunt for more Dying Light secrets is on!


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Have you found any other cool Easter Eggs in Dying Light? What do you think of this Super Mario Bros. homage?

Dying Light is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


Source: Gametastik

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