New 'Dying Light' Item Duplication Glitch Found After Patch

Dead Island Duplication Glitch


Despite a rough start, Techland's first-person zombie brawler Dying Light has been unexpectedly successful. As seems to be the norm for triple-A games these days, the title released amid a flurry of controversy: press copies weren't delivered in time for launch-day reviews, and many suspected Techland of paying for positive YouTube coverage. Production issues delayed Dying Light's physical release outside of North America as well, and a recent patch inadvertently punished modders who want to play with the game's single player campaign.

Despite these issues, the game has caught on with the public; maybe it's just the annual lack of big releases following the holidays, but people can't stop talking about Dying Light. The more people play, the more Easter eggs they discover. One YouTuber has already completed a "Van Damme" run of the game, finishing the entire campaign without using any weapons. For better or worse, the flawed but promising game has its hooks in the community. But with that kind of attention, Dying Light's glitches are starting to come to the surface.

New Item Duplication Glitch

Recently, Techland released a patch that fixed a popular "infinite weapon" glitch, in which nimble-fingered players could throw a weapon and drop it from their inventory at the same time, duplicating the item. Well, that's fixed, but the most recent patch (version 1.2.1) introduces another bug - one that's a lot easier to take advantage of. As documented by PoloMint Peeper, the new glitch allows users to create infinite copies of items, as long as they already have more than one copy and access to a stash bag.

The new bug involves selecting an item in the stash, hitting Back and Confirm at the same time, and then going back to the stash bag. When executed correctly, players will be able to then use the still-appearing selector to choose the number of copies they want, and then choose any item in their inventory to duplicate it. That's it. The video goes into more detail, but the process is mind-bogglingly simple. While the glitch doesn't work on weapons, it does work on crafting materials, meaning weapons can be built and sold for money. So much money.

Dead Island Duplication Glitch

Given that Dying Light puts a big emphasis on survival and resource management, Techland is sure to classify this as a game-breaking bug, so don't expect it to last too long. Still, the fact that players are spending enough time with Dying Light to even find these things is a good sign for Techland. They've got a hit on their hands, and they know it.

Techland would like that love to last as long as possible, too, which is why the studio recently announced that its hard at work on a suite of modding tools, which should be available free of charge. Previous Techland games (including Dying Light predecessor Dead Island) have had their shelf-life extended by years thanks to the modding community. Techland's hoping that the same thing happens with Dying Light, and that we'll all be enjoying its parkour-based zombie mayhem for years to come - or at least until the inevitable sequel hits.


Sources: PoloMint Peeper, Gamer Attitude

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