'Dying Light' Adds Hard Mode and More Content For Players

Dying Light Humanity Trailer


Even after a slow start due to production delays and review copies that didn't get into the hands of critics before launch, Dying Light has proven to be a hit with both fans and journalists.

To continue to grow the community and to keep things fresh for existing players, Techland is releasing even more content for the open world zombie game which promises to change the way players interact with this world. The new content is also arriving a lot sooner than players think.

For players looking for new things to do, Techland has released a free update for Dying Light which brings a brand new Hard Mode setting to the game. Within this mode, players can expect a much greater challenge, with tweaks to the core experience such as night segments lasting twice as long, enemies that are stronger, the inventory screen no longer pausing the game and player's ability to heal having been slowed down as well. For even more details, make sure to watch the video above.

This update also adds a huge amount of new content in the form of weapons and outfits for players to enjoy. In addition to a new gold tier rarity level, more than 50 unique weapons, like the Bone Splitter and Rune Hammer, and around 20 new outfits have now been added.

Dying Light Humanity Trailer

This week also marks the release of the Ultimate Survival Bundle, which adds even more outfits, like a ninja costume, and weapons to the fray. The Ultimate Survivor Bundle can be purchased separately or downloaded for "free" as part of the season pass.

Techland continues to support Dying Light with new content, giving their player base a slew of new options through both free and paid DLC. After releasing back in January, this post-release content should keep the momentum going for this well-received game, especially considering there's only a handful of highly-anticipated triple-A titles releasing soon.

For players who have already beaten the game, Hard Mode looks to provide a fresh experience by changing the way they typically approach Dying Light. It also goes without saying that adding this mode is another good way to draw veteran players back into this world and retain them especially with even more DLC coming in May.

What do you think of this announcement? For those of you that have played the game, is this going to draw you back in? Let us know in the comments below.

The Ultimate Survival Bundle and Hard Mode are now available on all platforms in the Americas for Dying Light. The content will be arriving for other regions later this week on March 14.

Source: Dying Light YouTube Channel (via Polygon)

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