Techland releases a trailer for the upcoming expansion for Dying Light called The Following, which centers around a cult that has gained power in the zombie apocalypse.

Released in January of 2015, Techland’s Dying Light is still receiving support from the developer, but what will perhaps be the game’s final big story DLC, called The Following, is set to release on February 9th. With about a month to go until the launch of the expansion, Techland has released a story trailer that offers some vague details about the plot.

The Following expansion for Dying Light will take place in a new area that is reportedly greater in size than the map from the base game. In this area, a mysterious cult that worships a Sun God has taken power, and they prophesy that someone will step forward to make an “ultimate sacrifice” in order to channel the aforementioned Sun God.

It remains to be seen if this expansion will incorporate genuine supernatural elements or if the cult is just comprised of crazy people. It’s also not made completely clear who the protagonist will be in The Following, but smart money says that players will once again take control of Kyle Crane, the hero of the base game and other expansions.

Check out the story trailer for Dying Light‘s The Following expansion below:

For those interested in playing The Following, it comes with Dying Light‘s season pass, or can be purchased as a part of the game’s enhanced edition. Entitled Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition, this version of the game is scheduled to coincide with the digital release of The Following expansion, and will collect the base game and all of the DLC together.

Nowadays, Dying Light typically retails for around $30. With the season pass price increase, Techland has essentially made it so buying the vanilla game and the season pass will cost the same as purchasing the enhanced edition. However, if one is not interested in the other DLC and is only concerned with The Following, it would be cheaper to buy the base game and then The Following expansion separately.

That being said, it may be worth checking out the other expansions for those that are interested in Dying Light. After all, previous expansions added vehicles to the game, as well as a horde mode with The Bozak Horde expansion. This content offers enough value to justify the price of the enhanced edition for those that have yet to pick up the core game, and the price of the season pass for those that already own Dying Light, in our estimation.

Overall, it’s admirable how much Techland has supported Dying Light post-launch. Fans of the game have had a steady stream of both paid expansions and free content updates to enjoy to keep them engaged with the experience, and as a result, Dying Light has enjoyed surprising longevity. With Dying Light, Techland has really come into their own as a developer, and it will be interesting to see what their next project holds once they finish producing DLC for Dying Light.

Dying Light is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The Following expansion for the game will release on February 9th.

Source: GamesRadar