Dying Light Guide: How to Get Excalibur

Dying Light EXPCalibur Guide


We’re still making our way through Dying Light for review, but so far Techland’s first person title has shown potential. However, players who jump into the game expecting to be a fully equipped zombie killer right off the bat should think again. Dying Light wants players to evolve into the agile undead slayer as they go.

But, in case there are some Dying Light players out there looking for a little boost in the weaponry department, allow us to help. There is one weapon in the game that is both easy to procure and extremely useful, and it’s pretty cool to boot.

First things first, players will want to head to the southeastern corner of The Slums to a tiny rock island in the ocean. On the island, players will notice a corpse with a sword embedded in its chest.

Dying Light EXPcalibur Location

Get a little closer and you will see that the sword called EXPcalibur, a playful riff on the iconic sword of Arthurian legend. Compared to most weapons in the game, EXPcalibur feels like a handmade weapon. And like the real Excalibur, EXPcalibur needs a little extra oomph to break free from its stone.

As readers can see in the video above, removing EXPcalibur from the stone requires that they hold the pick up item button for a minute or two. Just make sure not to let go, or else the timer will start over anew.

Once they do remove the sword, players will find EXPcalibur is a perfect zombie-slaying weapon capable of flinging the undead as if they are ragdolls. However, don’t expect to overuse the weapon, as its durability is extremely low. Basically, EXPcalibur works for a few small fights but eventually becomes useless. That’s why it’s existence in the game is an Easter Egg more than anything else.

Dying Light EXPCalibur Guide

The good news, though, is that if you wait until the corpse that once held EXPcalibur finishes burning a blueprint will be left in its place. So, you can craft as many EXPcalibur’s as you like, provided you have all the right materials.

Realistically, EXPcalibur won’t be the type of weapon that Dying Light players use throughout the substantial campaign, but it will help them slay a few zombies early on and earn a little extra experience. And in a game where every zombie encounter is a risk that will be extremely helpful. If only Techland would have thought to include EXPcaliber as part of the game's Loot Cave parody.

Have you uncovered any cool Easter Eggs while playing Dying Light? What weapon is your go-to for zombie slaying?

Dying Light is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One

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