'Dying Light' Easter Eggs: Left 4 Dead, The Last of Us, Plants vs. Zombies & More!

Dying Light Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs have become a major staple in video games. Ever since Warren Robinett inserted his name into his 1979 Atari game Adventure, developers have taken great joy in leaving hidden messages and clues for players to find, and gamers have reveled in the hunt for these secret additions.

While most games may have two or three Easter Eggs at best, the folks over at Techland have taken the practice to whole new levels. Every day we're learning of a newly discovered Easter Egg in the recently released zombie survival game Dying Light. We've already covered the Destiny loot cave and Super Mario Bros World 1-1 Easter Eggs and showed you how to get the EXPcalibur Sword. Here are a few more that players have discovered, along with instructions how you can find them yourself.


Left 4 Bread and Clickers

It would seem the developers over at Techland are big fans of many zombie games, which is understandable given their own focus on the undead genre. Players can head north of the main Tower in Dying Light to a safe house that has a chain-link fence around it. Look to the South and you'll see a bakery with the name Left4Bread, and obvious homage to the Left4Dead zombie game series.


Techland also gives a shoutout to the popular Naughty Dog game The Last of Us. While playing the Bunker mission, you have the ability to enter Town Hall and head upstairs. Once on the second floor, stand in front of the elevator to the left and wait for the doors to open. When they do, you will be greeted by what looks like a Clicker from The Last of Us. Yes, you can and should kill it. When you loot the body, you'll get the Clicker upgrade in your inventory, which improves all your weapon statistics.


Plants vs. Zombies

It's not just serious zombie-centered games like The Last of Us and Left4Dead that get a nod in Dying Light. The developer also inserted a cheeky reference to the popular mobile zombie game, Plants vs. Zombies. During the Broadcast mission, players will need to slide down a zipline from the top of the tower that heads into a canyon. At the bottom, take the next zipline further into the canyon. At the bottom of that zipline, head around the corner to the right. There will be a small plant. Click on it and you can watch as a group of plants defend themselves against an approaching group of zombies. Feel free to drop down and help the plants out.




This is a very fun Easter Egg as it changes while players progress through the game. After playing the game for a little while, a guitar will appear in your room. When you attempt to play it, you'll discover you're really not a very good guitar player. However, when searching through the school, you can find a "Guitar Lessons" book. Read the book and attempt to play the guitar again – it will sound much better this time around.



Dancing Zombies


While some of the Easter Eggs hidden in Dying Light reference other games or provide players with tools to make the game easier, others are there for simple entertainment – like the dancing zombies.

In the Werewolf Escort mission, Babar will ask for your help. As you follow him, take a minor detour into the hangar to your right. Head to the electrical box and flip the switch. Some simple music begins to play and the zombies in the hangar will start to dance. As cool as this is, we definitely feel like the team at Techland missed a wonderful "Thriller" opportunity – however, we recognize that gaining rights to the Michael Jackson hit would probably cost a lot more than its worth for a simple Easter Egg.

Regardless, we freely admit these zombies have some pretty sweet moves. High school students could learn a few things from these undead dancers as prom season approaches.


Techland Employee Easter Eggs


The team at Techland made sure they weren't left out of the Dying Light Easter Eggs. At least three team leads are referenced in the game. First, there's the Korek Machete, named after Techland's optimization lead. To get the machete, head to the middle of a safe zone on the northern side of the Slums. On top of a building there (you'll need to do some climbing, as shown in the video above) is a blue toolbox. Kick the toolbox a few dozen times - at least 70 - to get the machete blueprints.

Next up is the Sick Bomb, named after the lead level designer, whose nickname is "Sick" – we're not really sure why. To get the Sick Bomb blueprints, head to the Tower rooftop and make your way to the crane, where you'll find a checkerboard. Make a move on the board then leave the Tower. When you come back, you'll be able to make another move. When you eventually win, you'll be awarded the blueprints.

Finally, there's the Left Ball of Glova, which refers to the lead gameplay programmer, and pays homage to the Left Hand of Glova Easter Egg found in Dead Island. To get the Left Ball of Glova blueprint, players need to hunt for two stones in the Old Town area. One can be found on a ledge behind a tower to the northwest. The other is on the edge of the beach to the southwest of the museum. Once a player has both stones, they'll need to place them in the eye sockets of the skull in Ishaq's apartment.


Many More!

Players continue to find more Dying Light Ester Eggs every day. In addition to the above hidden gems, player have found Easter Eggs relating to:

  • Ray McCall (character from the Call of Juarez franchise developed by Techland)
  • Stasis Field Projector
  • Wall of Fame
  • Hidden QR code

Have you found all these Easter Eggs? Have you found others as you've been playing? Share with us the Easter Eggs you've found in the comments.

Dying Light is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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