‘Dying Light’ DLC Unleashes the Bozak Horde in New Location

By | 1 year ago 

Polish developer Techland made one hell of a splash back in 2011 with a haunting trailer for its then-upcoming zombie game Dead Island. The reveal trailer, which unfolded in reverse and was accompanied by an elegiac score, played out like a Walking Dead short film, showing a family meeting tragedy during an island vacation suddenly overrun by the undead.

The finished game proved to have almost nothing in common with that trailer beyond the presence of zombies, but the undead have been good to Techland –  so it’s not surprising the developer stuck with what worked and went on to release the parkour-and-zombies survival horror game Dying Light earlier this year.

Set in the zombie-infested Turkish city of Harran, Dying Light casts players as an undercover operative assigned to infiltrate the quarantined metropolis and track down a troublesome political figure. Unfortunately, there are survivors begging for his help and zombies all over the damn place. Gamers must scavenge for supplies, help survivors, and avoid or take down all the brain-eaters in the way using fast-paced parkour mechanics and lots of melee fighting.

While Dying Light does have several multiplayer and co-op features, one it lacked – and one that the game would totally lend itself to – is a horde mode. Thankfully, that’s about to change with the upcoming DLC pack entitled The Bozak Horde, due out later this month. Check out the teaser up top.

Dying Light no weapon run header

The Bozak Horde is scheduled to release on Tuesday, May 26th, and it will add the horde mode some Dying Light fans have no doubt been chomping at the bit for. The new mode is set in Harran Stadium, and is ideally suited to challenging four players to use their wits, weapons, and the environment to survive against way, way too many zombies. The bold (or crazy) can even try to solo it, so expect YouTube to start filling up with videos of those efforts shortly after the DLC arrives.

Naturally, there will be a carrot to entice players to conquer the Bozak Horde. Victory will earn players a compound hunting bow, described as the “ultimate stealth weapon,” and completing other challenges within the mode will reward gamers with arrows that would make The Avengers‘ Hawkeye proud, including explosive, electrical, and incendiary versions. Those specialty arrows should be quite entertaining after darkness falls courtesy of Dying Light‘s day/night cycle. Nothing like relaxing by the light of a crowd of flaming, undying cannibals.

The Bozak Horde will also reportedly include some sort of competitive element, but there are no details about that side of things at this point.

Dying Light sword and pistol screenshot

The stadium location showcased in the trailer above definitely looks like it’ll be a blast to explore, with plenty of opportunities for gamers to think three-dimensionally and use the environment to their advantage (check out the best possible use for a shipping container there at the end of the video).

It also looks to have a bit of a mystery setup, with the game character waking in the stadium with chains on their leg and a creepy masked figure taunting him over video screens. The masked man – apparently, that’s Bozak – refers to the player as a “patient,” but also calls the situation a game, so it’ll be interesting to see what this Jigsaw wannabe is all about.

Dying Light: The Bozak Horde will release on May 26th for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It is available as part of Dying Light‘s season pass, but it will also be available for individual purchase for the suggested price of $9.99 USD.