'Dying Light' Video Series Features Developer Tips

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As another game in the zombie killing genre (which already has Resident Evil, Dead Rising and Dead Island), Dying Light always needed to have a great selling point in order to stand out. With that in mind, it appears the back of the box highlight appears to be variety, with a focus on free-running exploration and dozens of weapons (or playthroughs with no weapons at all).

Sadly, due to the game's many controversies – including the removal of mods and pre-order DLC – it may be hard for some gamers to focus on fun of Dying Light's gameplay. To remedy this, developer Techland has begun to release a series of Dying Light videos featuring tips from their team. Their first one tells players how to make use of the game's multiplayer modes.

The first mode mentioned in the debut video is Dying Light's co-op mode. Whilst plenty will be satisfied running around by themselves, katanas waving wildly, Dying Light's infested streets can be dangerous, and they only become more of a death-trap at night.

By playing with up to three friends in co-op, however, things will get a whole lot safer, as those players can fight by your side and revive you if the zombies deal too much damage. Co-op will also provide players with some extra competition, as they fight it out to determine "who is the most badass survivor". The game makes figuring that out a lot easier too thanks to its 'dynamic challenges,' which ask players to complete certain objectives within a certain time and reward the most successful zombie slayer.

Dying Light no weapon run header

In order to access co-op, players will have to complete a short tutorial (that they can take part in following "the very early blackout mission", says Lead Game Designer Maciej Binkowski) and then they can hit the pause menu and begin matchmaking. Unfortunately, this is where the problems may start.

As explained in the video, players can set the game type to public and have anyone join, but this is unlikely to work on PC if the host has a modded game. In the notes for the latest Dying Light patch, Techland explained that modded versions of the game "will not work online with original unchanged versions" and that they will only be compatible "with other identically modded games”. As Techland is clearly very keen to get people playing together they may find a workaround, but for now it's best to choose co-op partners wisely.

Co-op also provides multiplayer, PvP fun thanks to the Be The Zombie mode. Accessible from the game's main menu, Be The Zombie lets players take on the role of a "special" type of zombie called the Night Hunter, and puts them in a playground full of squishy mortals, encouraging them to go wild. A range of killing powers are on offer here and are upgradeable so the more you play the more lethal you'll become.

Techland says that there will be more tips videos released in the coming weeks so stick tuned to Game Rant for more Dying Light videos.

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