During the Digital Dragons 2016 conference, the founder of Techland announces that the company is currently working on two AAA games, one of which will be a brand new IP.

Dying Light was one of 2015’s biggest gaming surprises, as Techland‘s first-person zombie survival title garnered numerous positive reviews, and managed to wildly exceed sales expectations. With Dying Light and its DLC expansion now out, Techland CEO Pawel Marchewka has shed some light on the company’s future plans.

During the Digital Dragons 2016 conference, Marchewka revealed that Techland is currently working on two big-budgeted AAA games. Both titles will have a combined budget of approximately $80 million, and Techland is targeting a release window within the next two to three years.

“I would like to share some good news with all the fans of Techland’s games: we’re currently working on not one, but two new titles. We estimate their total budget to be around USD 77 million, so these will be so-called AAA games. In order to give the teams working on these projects creative independence, each project is being developed in a different place. The first one is created by the Wroclaw-based studio, and the second one is being made by Techland Warszawa. Techland’s third studio, which is based in Vancouver, is providing technological support for both titles.”

“Our main target is to give the gamers two huge titles within the next two years that will be even more successful than Dying Light. I assure you that they are worth the wait!”


As for what those two in-development Techland games may be, Marchewka only revealed the details on one title, which will be an open-world fantasy game with RPG elements. Currently untitled, this new fantasy game will be a brand new IP, and won’t be a part of Techland’s existing franchises. Detailed information regarding this title wasn’t revealed, though Marchewka did state that this new game will feature both single-player and co-op multiplayer modes.

With Techland and Marchewka remaining tight-lipped on the mysterious second game, there is some speculation as to what the title might be. Given that Dying Light was a massive success, there is a chance that the new game could be a Dying Light sequel. With a big built-in fanbase and more resources available, a bigger Dying Light sequel seems like a safe and natural choice. Marchewka has also reaffirmed his earlier statement about supporting the game throughout 2016, although this will primarily be small-scale content rather than any large DLC expansions.

Should a Dying Light sequel be out of the question, there have been some murmurs that Techland’s second game may actually be a new version of the cancelled Hellraid. Techland was initially deep into the development of Hellraid, only to pull the plug on the project and reallocate its resources to Dying Light. While the chances are slim that Techland’s second game will be Hellraid, it will be interesting to see if this cancelled dark fantasy horror title will be resurrected one day.

While we currently know very little about Techland’s future projects, it’s safe to say that anticipation is already building for the developer’s upcoming games. We’ll keep you posted on any news and announcements related to Techland and any of its in-development titles.

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