Techland’s mod-friendly zombie shooter, Dying Light, gets a new update that enables a new deathmatch mode ahead of what could be the game’s last major story DLC.

Techland has expanded the Dying Light Dev Tools that are currently available on the Steam Workshop, as the update introduces cooperation and PvP functionalities into the game. The free update gives fans of the game the ability to participate in cooperation-based scenarios and deathmatch maps: an exciting addition to a title that is gearing up for a major DLC release, Dying Light: The Following, which is set to become available on February 9th.

The free update also includes the first ever PvP-focused custom map in Dying Light, created by a stalwart member of the game’s modding community named RabidSquirrel. The map, called “Don’t Drown”, is set on an island that features a constantly rising water level, forcing players to not only compete with zombies and each other but with the environment itself as the match progresses. “Don’t Drown” is yet another quality inclusion to a long list of exciting community creations in Techland’s zombie survival game, following a beautifully rendered Mirror’s Edge level recreated in Dying Light just a few days ago.

The advent of PvP and cooperation maps to the game should certainly give fans more to do in Dying Light, which has been criticized before as being a game that felt unfinished and tedious upon its release. Dying Light producer Tymon Smektała certainly believes the newest update will appease the title’s existing community while hopefully enticing a few other gamers:

“We believe the co-op and PvP support can inspire a new wave of original maps for everyone to enjoy…we’re working hard to bring some of the very best custom maps to consoles, and I hope we’ll have something to announce soon.”

Although the game has faced its fair share of criticisms, Dying Light has also been featured on some noteworthy favorite games of 2015 lists as well. That seems to indicate that those who sift through the tedium of the early game often find themselves drawn in to Techland’s spin on the video game staple zombie outbreak scenario.

dying light zombie attack

If nothing else, Techland’s offering is clearly a lovingly crafted homage that seeks to honor some of its predecessors and inspirations while attempting to offer a fun and worthwhile zombie game experience. After all, Dying Light is littered with easter eggs that reference some science fiction and video game classics, and its gameplay is equal parts Dead Island and Dead Rising. The addition of deathmatch mode and an exciting new environmentally challenging map should be worthwhile additions to that experience, and gamers will have something to keep them occupied until Dying Light: The Following hits in just over a month.

Dying Light is available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.