Dying Light Battle Royale 'Bad Blood' Entering Early Access


Dying Light: Bad Blood, the upcoming “brutal royale” game by Techland, will launch via Steam Early Access in September, the studio announced today.

A few months ago, Techland released the first gameplay trailer for Dying Light: Bad Blood that gave players a preview of the upcoming title. Now, it is clear that the game will not only want players to worry about the threat of other players, but also the danger of a zombie-infested environment. The game will incorporate Dying Light’s zombie survival-horror gameplay, with the ever-popular battle royale mechanic in a 12-player “brutal royale” that will “creatively blend” both player-versus-player and player-versus-environment combat.

Each battle will begin with 12 players entering the arena to scavenge for supplies, weapons, destroy hordes of zombies, and eliminate other players. The game has one objective: to be the last man standing and escape via an evacuation chopper, which will be the only means to make it out alive.

The Steam Early Access for Bad Blood will commence in September but will require players to purchase the Founder’s Pack, which will cost $19.99 and will include in-game currency and exclusive cosmetic items that will be delivered within a 3-month period.

bad-blood-founders-pack (1)

On the other hand, two Global Playtests will be available to select players who were able to sign up for the access and will be given Steam keys via email. The Playtests will begin on August 25-26 for phase 1, and September 1-2 for phase 2. All progress made in the Global Playtests will be carried over to the Early Access version of the game. Lastly, the final launch version of Bad Blood will be a free-to-play title. 

In other Dying Light news, Techland officially revealed Dying Light 2 at E3 2018. The sequel’s trailer featured the parkour elements that players loved on the first game while introducing a more immersive environment, where player choice leaves an impact in the game world.

After the initial announcement of Dying Light 2, fans wondered whether the sequel will feature a battle royale mode. Unfortunately, Techland revealed that Dying Light 2 will not include any battle royale gameplay, which is expected given that Bad Blood will be the stand-alone game that will serve that purpose.

Dying Light: Bad Blood is scheduled to enter Steam Early Access in September.

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