'Dying Light' Unlocks Super Powers for April Fools Day

Dying Light Super Power April Fools


When Dying Light announced a delay from late 2014 to early 2015, most saw the move as an attempt to clear the air. Techland’s Dead Island spiritual successor had the potential to be something big, but with so many fall titles in the way it may have been lost in the shuffle. Turns out they were right, as Dying Light was able to successfully dominate software sales in January 2015.

However, now that some time has passed, many Dying Light players may be looking for new reasons to return to the game. Yes, the introduction of the Hard Mode has enriched the experience, and the upcoming mod tools are sure to boost the game’s profile on PC, but there are likely gamers out there looking for something a little more immediate.

In that case, those Dying Light players would do well to log on to the game tomorrow, April 1st, for a special prize. Check out the above trailer to see what we mean.

According to the footage, some form of foreign contaminant has tainted a rare sampling of Antizin, Dying Light’s anti-zombie concoction. That being said, Dying Light players are still encouraged to ingest the Antizin, because it gives them super powers!

Dying Light Super Power April Fools

What super powers you ask? Well, it appears that the contaminated Antizin gives all players a little boost to their strength stat. And when we say a “little boost”, we mean that now players can punch zombies clear off the ground, and kick them short distances. The Antizin also apparently boosts agility and stamina, but that’s not entirely clear from the trailer.

Although the April Fools “joke” only runs for 24 hours, it’s hard not to feel a need to pop Dying Light back on, if even just for a few minutes. As games like Saints Row 4 and Crackdown have shown us, there’s nothing quite like running around as a super-powered badass, especially one that can drop kick zombies several yards.

While Dying Light was somewhat of a mixed bag for us (read our review), we’re sure this April Fools gag will go over well with the zombie game’s fan base. It also keeps in line with Dying Light’s tongue in cheek humor, which has included fun Easter Eggs, paid homage to Super Mario Bros., and featured an Excalibur weapon.

Will you be playing Dying Light to check out these super powers on April 1st? Do you think more games should do one-off gags like this?

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