Big Dying Light 2 Gameplay Reveal Coming

dying light 2 gameplay reveal

Techland has kept extensive gameplay clips of its upcoming Dying Light 2 under wraps for only select press members and streamers to see over the past couple of years. But that’s going to change much sooner than some fans might think.

The company revealed on the official Dying Light Twitter account that it’s set to reveal an official gameplay demo in a matter of days. The reveal will take place on August 26 at 11 AM PDT, just after Gamescom and right before PAX West kicks off. 

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The developer didn’t detail just how long the stream would last, or what kind of footage it would be showing off. However, considering how popular its demo at the Electronic Entertainment Expo was this past June, there’s a very good chance fans will get to see that.

Ever since its initial unveiling in 2018, Techland has been impressively building up its superstar sequel. Focusing on a new character by the name of Aiden Caldwell, Dying Light 2 features a brave new world, taking place in an unnamed city. Here, players have to contend will all sorts of monsters, while doing favors for different factions and settlements. Along the way, the player will guide Aiden across a number of decisions, which will help shape this world – either for the better, or the worse.

Could other features also be introduced during the livestream? Bits and pieces of the game have been revealed in the past, and it's about time that Techland showed off something new from the game. So the possibility is definitely there. Fans could easily see a new quadrant from the City. Or, for that matter, maybe a new trick or two that Aiden is capable of when it comes to dispatching his enemies. Regardless, fans will definitely be in for a treat.

There’s also a possibility that Techland could have some sort of announcement lined up at Gamescom before the livestream, possibly lining up a release date for the game. For the time being, Dying Light 2 has an early 2020 window for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. There’s a possibility something more pinpoint could be announced. 

We’ll see what happens in the weeks ahead. But needless to say, excitement for Techland’s sequel is back in the air again.

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