Dying Light 2 Getting Revealed at E3 2018?


As many gamers will attest, Techland's Dying Light is easily one of the best zombie video games ever created, as it not only delivers well-crafted environments teeming with the undead, but also solid gameplay mechanics to keep fans coming back for more. With this being the case, there's no doubt that players would love to receive a sequel to the title, and they could be getting just that if a recent rumor making the rounds online is to be believed.

Just yesterday, the Polish site known as "" shared information potentially indicating that Techland will officially unveil Dying Light 2 with a brand new trailer at some point during E3 2018. According to a translation of the article, the author has "managed to determine by a few independent sources, as well as both current and ex-Techland employees, that the company is working on Dying Light 2" and is "focused on preparing a high quality trailer, which is going to be presented during [the] upcoming E3".


In addition to the chance of Dying Light 2 seeing an E3 2018 reveal, it appears as if Techland could also be prepping the direct follow-up to have a battle royale mode as well, for the author of the aforementioned article "asked if due to the release of standalone DLC Dying Light: Bad Blood . . . there was a chance to expand on it in Dying Light 2, [and] the answer was 'it's highly probable'." What's more is that with the first game still getting post-launch support over three years later with such offerings as Bad Blood, the reveal of an actual sequel apparently "was constantly being put off" by Techland.

Taking all of this into account, with Techland still yet to even openly tease the possibility of Dying Light 2, it's best to take such assertions about the sequel getting revealed at E3 2018 with a grain of salt. Of course, E3 is often chock full of surprises, and the announcement of a followup to the 2015 title would definitely raise plenty of eyebrows at this year's event. After all, the studio has previously stated that it's working on two AAA games, and it's possible that one of them could be Dying Light 2. So, while fans can hope for its unveiling, they also need to maintain a healthy dose of skepticism until Dying Light 2 is made official.

Dying Light 2 has yet to be announced.

Source: (via ResetEra)

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