Overwatch's D.Va Drinks Mountain Dew and Eats Doritos in HotS


It looks like Overwatch's mech-piloting hero D.Va is living up to her gamer nature in Heroes of the Storm, as the recently-announced character sits down to enjoy her favorite snack foods while returning to base. When using a Hearthstone to teleport back to your team's spawn point, D.Va takes a seat to play on a handheld device, while consuming parodies of popular 'gamer fuel' Doritos and Mountain Dew.

After the recent announcement that the Overwatch tank would be coming to Blizzard's popular MOBA Heroes of the Storm, players have been eagerly awaiting footage of the ex-professional StarCraft player in-game. It seems that once again, D.Va's love for junk foods has appeared, and not just in emote form this time.

Back in Overwatch, the mech-wielding hero can take a break to play games with her Legendary emote 'Game On' where, similar to her new hearthing animation, D.Va pulls out the snacks to accompany her gaming. Doritos also made an appearance in the character's RIP victory pose from Overwatch's Halloween event, where the tortilla chips can be found littering the hero's gravestone.

Eating snacks isn't the only thing that D.Va will be doing in Heroes of the Storm, though, judging by her recent move set reveal. It seems that the character will make a great addition to the Heroes roster, joining Tracer, Lucio, Zarya, and Genji in representing Blizzard's incredibly-popular FPS title. Like in her debut title, the video game-loving character can fight both inside and outside her mech, with a separate play-style for each form.

Players can now finally take the bunny-hopping Korean gamer for a trial-run in the Heroes of the Storm test server where the character is being balance-checked before entering hero rotation for good. Finally we're able to see one of our favorite heroes going toe-to-toe with Diablo itself, and using her explosive mech to take down towers from a distance.

Heroes of the Storm is available now on PC. D.Va will be available in the game following a brief testing period.

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