Getting Personal With The Weapons of 'Dust 514'


While vehicles will play a key role in the EVE Online spin-off, the played-controlled infantry of Dust 514 are the focus as CCP Games first entry into the first-person shooter and console markets. We first saw gameplay from Dust 514 two years ago and since that time, CCP signed a deal with Sony to make the game exclusive to the PlayStation 3.

The game finally releases in a few months and so Sony is spreading the word through posts on the official PlayStation Blog to showcase the game's features. Last week we got a look at Dust 514's vehicle customization and today, new details about infantry weapons.

Understandably, the futuristic weapons of Dust 514 are infinitely more destructive and effective than the weapons of today and it is only the armor and shielding of the future that can withstand this power. In designing the weapons of the game, CCP ensures that the weapons of each race (Caldari, Gallente, Minmatar and the Amarr Empire) are unique and true to their designs and features from the EVE Online universe.

Since players take on the role of a mercenary, they will be free to make use of all the different weapons the game offers, weapons that are divided up into sidearm, light and heavy classes.

  • Light Weapons are the standard soldier rifle and come in standard, breach, tactical and specialist variants.
  • Heavy Weapons can only be used by players using heavy dropsuits due to the power and CPU requirements (a la EVE Online). These are the goods for players aiming to eliminate heavy vehicles.
  • Sidearms are powerful close-range pistols. They're more powerful than in traditional shooters.

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Dust 514 will be released exclusively for the PS3 and PS Vita sometime in the spring of 2012.


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Source: PlayStation.Blog

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