A Sneak Peek at Vehicle Customization in 'Dust 514'

Dust 514 Caldari HAV

First announced in 2009, the upcoming MMOFPS from CCP Games set in the EVE Online world fast approaching. Titled Dust 514, the ambitious game's beta is supposedly in the works to launch by the end of the year, with the main game still slated for a yet-to-be-confirmed date in the spring of 2012. Featured at E3 in June 2011, Game Rant's previous coverage of Dust 514 included an extensive preview of the game, including how it fits into the EVE Online universe.

One of the game's key features is its vehicle customization. Each vehicle can be customized with weapons and modules to ensure that no one vehicle can rule the battlefield alone. Players also have the ability to build a vehicle that directly suits their own personal style of play. Units can be fitted with a broad arsenal of armaments, enhanced by modules that can be installed to apply bonuses and abilities to further enhance a vehicle’s combat effectiveness, not unlike starship customization in EVE Online.

Players will be able to choose from familiar EVE Online weapon classes, such as energy-based laser weapons, blaster and rail cannons, and of course projectile and missile weaponry. Each of these weapon types are divided over racial factions, having an affinity towards vehicle hulls from similar origins. For example, the Caldari Gunnlogi heavy attack Vehicle (HAV) is well suited to using technologies embraced by the Caldari (like railguns), though players are not pigeon-holed into thinking this is the only strategy for this vehicle -- they will have to consider their combat strategy and determine what style of weapon will appeal to their play style.

Modules are handled a little differently than weapons, and are categorized by their function (example: electronic warfare, weapon mods and engineering). Engineering modules can increase basic stats like armor and shield strength, or improve the speed and handling of the vehicle. Weapons modules can increase the rate of fire or output damage, while electronic warfare can immobilize the enemy, cripple turrets with disruptors, or enhance the lethality of guided missiles.

The modularity of these types of equipment allows players to create customized vehicle classes simply by installing modules into a vehicle’s allotted slot on the fitting screen. The combined CPU and powergrid cost of all modules weighed against each vehicle’s unique CPU and powergrid resource pool determines the diversity and usefulness of its fit. This versatile system gives the player the ability specialize vehicles for unique tasks, which puts a lot of creativity in the hands of the player.

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A sneak peek at a few of the vehicles showcase the level of detail and depth that each will have. The Caldari Saga LAV is a cheaply produced light attack vehicle that finds strength in numbers when attacking, but leaves its crew of three exposed to direct enemy fire. The Gallente Limbus logistics vehicle is a support vehicle that is best suited for enhancing the abilities of infantry, though it is lightly armed and should be protected. The heavy hitter, the Caldari Gunnlogi HAV has ample hardpoints for installing weapons and modules, able to take on infantry and vehicles just as easily as it could engage attacking air units, though its flanks should always be protected. The Gallente Prometheus dropship can bring new infantry to the front line by laying down cover fire while hovering in one place.

What do you think of the sneak peek at a few of the vehicles in Dust 514? What is your own personal style of play?

Dust 514 will be released exclusively for the PS3 and PS Vita sometime in the spring of 2012.


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