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DUST 514 Screenshot - RPG


CCP Games and Sony unveiled the upcoming DUST 514 to the public last week via a PlayStation Home exclusive event. It was here that the trailer was shown, questions were answered and potential players could meet up digitally.

Followed up by a series of interesting announcements (eSports!) at EVE Fanfest in Iceland over the weekend, along with a new cinematic DUST 514 trailer, and the hype machine is officially rolling for the PS3 exclusive EVE Online spinoff. We're adding to that today with a massive gallery of DUST 514 screenshots and artwork.

The following gallery of images features artwork of one of the game's sidearms, two of the game's vehicles and a few of the environments, along with in-game captures of soldiers, explosions, vehicles, lasers, more vehicles and a few other explosions. Take a look at the future of free-to-play:

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As teased above, CCP Games hopes to add a plethora of features to increase functionality and revenue potential with the first true free-to-play console shooter. In addition to competitive eSports, there will be spectating and betting systems added for the community.

Another important element coming with the 2013 expansion that's oddly missing from launch is hostile environments, where players will face non-player enemies and areas they cannot traverse without vehicles and support.

DUST 514 will integrate into the larger, persistent universe of EVE Online and as demonstrated with the PlayStation Home event trailer, players can communicate with their allies up in space for things including orbital bombardment and mercenary support since the ground battles of DUST take place on the planets featured in EVE. The skirmishes directly impact who has control over a planet, offering a big motivator for winning and team play over stat-padding (as seen in other, certain shooters...).

Dust 514 will be released exclusively for the PS3 and PS Vita (companion app) sometime in the spring of 2012.


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