One of the more surprising announcements to come out of the Sony Press Conference last night was from CCP and their upcoming shooter, Dust 514. Set in the EVE Online universe, the game promises to allow PlayStation 3 players to land onto planets spread across the EVE galaxy, and fight as mercenaries while the battle rages overhead.

The genius behind the game comes from the blending of both the Dust 514 and EVE Online universes. Players that have ruled their interstellar sectors on EVE with an iron fist on the PC will be able to team up with ground units on the PS3, creating a unique cross-platform blend that has never been tried before, let alone accomplished.  Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, CEO of CCP had this to say:

“When we set out to build a true persistent shooter for consoles, it was evident that Sony’s dedication to providing a flexible and MMO-friendly platform –alongside a robust virtual goods business model– made the PlayStation 3 the natural home for DUST 514. CCP’s ambition is to bring a level of truly meaningful, persistent gameplay to the PlayStation 3 never before seen.”

The game will be digitally distributed over the PlayStation Network and will also feature full PlayStation Move support — something that was slightly lacking in yesterday’s conference — complete with the Sharp Shooter accessory. Dust 514 will also be able to travel between your console and PlayStation Vita, though the feature has yet to be outlined, and will come after release.

Potentially the greatest draw is the lack of a subscription fee, with CCP making their revenue instead on in-game purchases of things like advanced weaponry, battle gear, vehicles, and much more. There’s a lot worth looking into in Dust 514, and it all seems pretty intense. The big question on everyone’s mind though… how will this affect EVE Online?

Dust 514 is set to release Summer 2012 for the PlayStation 3.

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