DUST 514 Event Comes to PlayStation Home Tomorrow

DUST 514 gameplay debut on PlayStation Home

Much to the dismay of the PC faithful segment of the EVE Online fanbase, CCP Games' DUST 514 is coming exclusively to the PlayStation 3 as the first true free-to-play console game. We've been following the development of the EVE Online spin-off for over two years, since CCP Games unveiled the game's first trailer, and this week, the public gaming community will have their their first chance to see game.

DUST 514 is a first-person shooter that does that will bring two innovations to the PlayStation brand. Firstly, it's introducing it's only type of virtual currency as the first free-to-play game. It's going to be funded purely through microtransactions, money that'll be shared between Sony and CCP Games - This willingness on Sony's part to work with CCP games granted them the exclusivity not just for the PS3 but for the Vita handheld as well which will be able to run a companion app for the game.

The second part of the innovation is how the game functions within the same universe as EVE Online. Players of both games will be able to communicate in game through text-based messaging and voice chat. There will be contracts that can be offered/traded between ground forces and the space-faring EVE players and of course, those big starships will be able to help out in orbital bombardment.

If that came has caught your interested, tomorrow, Thursday, March 22, 2012, Sony PlayStation will be hosting a live event on PlayStation Home to showcase DUST 514 publicly for the first time.

Come watch CCP Games’ first public unveiling of its upcoming sci-fi shooter DUST 514, exclusive to PlayStation 3 as we stream the DUST 514 keynote of the annual EVE Fanfest live into the special “Backstage Pass” event space in PlayStation Home this Thursday, March 22nd at 9:00am PT (12:00pm ET).

Right after the presentation, Home users can participate in a "Backstage Pass" live Q&A where questions from fans over Twitter will be answered. If you have some questions yourself, hop on Twitter and use the hashtag #DUST514. Players who enter the Backstage event will be rewarded with a DUST 514 t-shirt for their avatars so to find out how to enter, go to the New and Recommended section on the PlayStation Home Navigator or by approaching the DUST 514 relocator in the Hub.

DUST 514 PlayStation Home Avatar Shirts

Are you planning on attending? If so, maybe we'll see you there!

For more on gameplay details:

Dust 514 will be released exclusively for the PS3 and PS Vita sometime in the spring of 2012.


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Source: PlayStation.Blog

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