Player & Dropsuit Customization in 'Dust 514'

Dust 514 - Dropsuits customization

One of the benefits for CCP Games of going exclusive with Sony to release Dust 514 only on the PlayStation 3 is that Sony will do a lot of the marketing for them. Everything we've learned about the game in the fast few months has come from the PlayStation Blog. Previous entries covered vehicle customization and infantry weapons, while the latest post examines Dust 514's infantry dropsuits and configurations.

Like CCP's flagship game, EVE Online, Dust 514 is all about customization, details and managing resources and power. As we know, the weapons in the game are divided into three categories for Light, Heavy and Sidearms, to allow players to play in the style of their preference. Each type of weapon however, has its own requirements - the Heavy guns requiring Heavy dropsuits due to increased power needs.

Types of dropsuits:

  • Standard
  • Advanced
  • Prototype
Dust 514 - Dropsuits customization

In the EVE/Dust 514 universe, the infantry dropsuits exist so players can live and fight in the must unsustainable of environments, and like the starships of EVE Online, it's all about managing the powergrid (PG), CPU and available slots when it comes down to customization a dropsuit loadout.

The following types of slots are available to players with a given dropsuit:

  • Light
  • Heavy
  • Sidearm
  • High
  • Low
  • Equipment
  • Grenade

The light, heavy and sidearm are the three types of weapons previously discussed and the smaller types can fit into the larger slots (i.e. light weapons can go into heavy slot, sidearm can go into light and heavy). 'High' and 'Low' are slots for modules, equipment is for deployable tools (scanners, nanohives, drop uplinks, repair tool, etc.) and you can guess what the grenade slot is for.

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The official PlayStation Blog breaks down two of the dropsuit types - Assault (Caldari, Standard) and Heavy (Amarr, Standard) - so head there for details.

Has the the first-person console shooter from CCP Games earned your interest?

Dust 514 will be released exclusively for the PS3 and PS Vita sometime in the spring of 2012.


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Source: PlayStation.Blog

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