Dusk is a Hardcore '90s FPS in the Vein of DOOM & Quake


New Blood Interactive reveals Dusk, a retro-style first-person shooter which calls back to nineties classics such as Quake and is scheduled for release in 2017.

Although this year's fight for first-person shooter superiority has been tipped to come between Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, some old-school fans of the FPS genre may feel a little disappointed in the way the titles are shaping up. After all, those who grew up with the likes of Quake and Unreal could well miss the fast-paced gameplay of those titles. Thankfully, those gamers may have a game to turn to in the form of Dusk.

The title, which comes from New Blood Interactive and David Szymanski, is very much in the vein of the nineties golden age of first-person shooters. The title's gloomy atmosphere and brooding violence calls back to the likes of Heretic and Exhumed, while the twitchy gameplay will look awfully familiar to Quake fans. Indeed, it's almost as though Dusk walked straight out of the mid-nineties.

Aside from the aesthetic side of things, the gameplay also seems to take on that dark and violent retro FPS vibe, complete with pixellated blood and a shotgun emphasis. In terms of gameplay features, a single player campaign mode seems to take precedence, with Dusk also including a 1 v 1 arena multiplayer feature and an endless survival mode. Those interested in finding out more can check out the trailer below.


Throwbacks to previous video game classics have sometimes found great success over recent years. In particular, retro 2D platformers have gained huge praise, with Shovel Knight a noticeable example. A nostalgic callback to 90s FPS games has yet to become a major force in gaming, however, and Dusk could be right on the cusp of a new niche.

Something that could point towards Dusk's success is the fact that even some major releases have stepped away from the more realistic focus of most modern first-person shooters. Bethesda has brought back the Wolfenstein and DOOM franchises successfully, marrying up fast-paced action with some current-gen elements. Indeed, both Wolfenstein: The New Order and 2016's DOOM have been considered some of the best video game reboots.

Of course, some players may be a little cautious after seeing how awkward some other love letters to the early 3D gaming era have turned out. After all, although Back in 1995 looked the part of an early survival horror game, the title managed to capture only the disjointed aspects of the time rather than the charm. Hopefully, Dusk is able to have more success, and those that clamor for the fast-paced FPS games of yore will be able to relive those glory days once more.

Dusk will be released in 2017.

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