Dungeons & Dragons: Which Classes Would Witcher 3 Characters Play?

Dedicated fans of The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt may have picked up the recent tabletop RPG based on the game's universe, which comes complete with various classes befitting the world itself: Bards, Craftsmen, Criminals, Doctors, Mages, Men At Arms, Merchants, Priests, and of course, Witchers. However, given that the Witcher 3 tabletop doesn't have the extensive support that Dungeons & Dragons does, many may also prefer to act out their personal Witchers in a D&D setting.

Unfortunately, The Continent is not a viable D&D 5e setting, but that doesn't mean players can't get creative. For inspiration, here's what each character would play if they were somehow playing themselves in a table top RPG.

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Geralt of Rivia

One thing that makes the franchise stand out is just how unique a Witcher is, but for a Geralt of Rivia character to come to life, it could begin with some background agreed upon with the Dungeon Master. Witchers are known to undergo intense physical training, certain physical changes, and more. Certain feats could be used to emulate some of the greater physical conditioning of the character, whereas items could grant some of the more mystical attributes. But for a character who combines combat magic and physical prowess, it seems clear enough that Geralt could be a Fighter who has taken the Eldritch Knight archetype. Sure, it may not perfectly capture the Witcher, but it'll be close enough.


ciri the witcher

Ciri is a difficult one, in part due to her Elder Blood and her powerful magic capabilities that she does not truly enjoy. There has even been times in novels where she renounces her magic, and of course, there's the consideration that she is also the Lady of Time and Space. Theoretically, making a Ciri character be a Half-Elf would qualify as the "Elder Blood," even if it bestowed upon her nothing as powerful as the Elder Blood. It seems that adding some form of uncontrollable and latent magic would be up to the DM, whereas Ciri players could then simply choose a suitable melee class, perhaps Rogue.

Triss Merigold

If Ciri is a hard one to pin down due to her in-depth and unique lore, Triss Merigold is the most simple but no less in-depth. Triss would likely play a Sorcerer (well, Sorceress) in Dungeons & Dragons. In The Witcher universe, she is hailed as a legendary Temerian Sorceress and was one of the founding members of the Lodge of Sorceress. As to what type of magic she uses, it's also said that she was a great healer, though she was ironically allergic to potions. Players wouldn't have to necessarily replicate that factor of her character, but it does add some nice flavor. Notably, she'd like be a Divine Soul Sorcerer in order to gain access to healing magic.

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Yennefer of Vengenberg

Like Triss, Yennefer would be a Sorceress in any game, but she would definitely take a diverging path from Triss. Yennfer is capable of doing creation magic and necromancy, creating magical shields strong enough to hold back the White Frost and the Wild Hunt, training Ciri, controlling a Djinn, teleporting in tense situations, and decompressing people. Whereas a Triss playstyle would see players hanging back and administering some heals, Yennefer would be on the front line with powerful offensive and combat magic.


the witcher vesemir

Vesemir, like Geralt, was a Witcher who followed the Path. More specifically, he was also a fencing instructor at Kaer Morhan who was affiliated with the School of the Wolf. It seems likely many could justify an Eldritch Knight approach to Vesemir, much like they could Geralt, but it would seem there's a better class to lean into his strengths. A Vesemir playstyle could seemingly be a Ranger who joins the Monster Slayer conclave to gain access to bonus spells and abilities against monsters, which would also be a simple class for new D&D players.


Eredin is King of the Wild Hunt and the primary antagonist of The Witcher 3. He's an imposing, otherwordly threat who has a long-running animosity with Geralt. Based on his abilities, it would seem likely that Eredin would be a character type that requires a lot of creativity with the basic rules or an adventure into homebrew material. Technically, he's an Elf and that race would work for Eredin, but class-wise would be a lot harder to determine. A Blackguard or Death Knight from older editions and/or D&D homebrew materials would perhaps do the character justice.

The Witcher 3 is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One X, with a Switch release slated for October 15.

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