Although it’s not the next Neverwinter Nights, fans of the Dungeons & Dragons series can look forward to some good old RPG action very soon with Dungeons and Dragons: Daggerdale, set to release during this quarter. Daggerdale makrs the first D&D on consoles since Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone. To build buzz for their new release, Atari has released a new trailer highlighting the game’s story.

Daggerdale takes players to the  Forgotten Realms setting. The story revolves around the player and his team preventing an evil overlord, Rezlus, from invading and taking over the world. To do this, players travel through areas including “the Ancient Dwarven mines of Tethyamar,” fighting undead, and other classic evil creatures from the world of sword and sorcery. Eventually, they will work their way up to the big boss himself.

The game will allow gamers to play solo and cooperatively with up to three other heroes. Players will be able to choose from a set of race/class combinations however, during cooperative play, each player must be a different class to promote a teamwork dynamic. The game’s character customization and upgrading is based on the fourth edition gameplay rules of the D&D tabletop RPG. The game will support split-screen, and will be the first in a trilogy. While all things indicate that it will be a fun game to play, it doesn’t seem to stand out from the crowd in either story or gameplay. Our first trailer reveal expressed some concern over the similarities between Daggerdale and Diablo, especially in the area of gameplay.


From a story perspective, the premise seems to be an extremely simple and overdone template plot for stories such as this. R.A. Salvatore, who has contributed to much of the Forgotten Realms popularity with his novels, did so by telling tales of interesting characters performing spectacular deeds and impressive feats of combat and magic. It might be too much to hope that this is what Daggerdale will do, but hopefully Bedlam Games has some ace in the hole in order to bring some originality to the game’s plot and gameplay.

There has been no word of a specific release date, but they say spring 2011, so it can’t be long until we get to see for ourselves if Dungeons and Dragons: Daggerdale will be worth playing. It will be available for XBLA, PSN and Windows.