Dungeons and Dragons: Creepiest Classes For Halloween

Dungeons and Dragons is normally full of heroes performing incredible feats for the greater good, but playing the hero can get boring. Sometimes, its more fun to kick back and do some evil deeds - or at least be a morally grey character. What better time to play around with some of the more sinister classes than Halloween, when the ghosts and ghouls come out? While not every spooky class is evil per se, these classes are still the perfect complement to some of the best Halloween campaigns out there.

Oathbreaker Paladin

Paladins are generally thought to be pure warriors of holy light, but that doesn't mean that they're totally incorruptible. A Paladin that betrays their god or otherwise breaks their vows in search of power may become an Oathbreaker Paladin, which is sort of like a reverse-world Paladin. They're more focused on hatred and death than justice and law, making them more intimidating. It's the Dungeons and Dragons equivalent of transitioning from shopping for clothes at JC Penny to Hot Topic. It's perfect for an evil-themed Halloween campaign, or even just a character with a good "fall from grace" story.

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One of the basic Dungeons and Dragons classes, Warlocks are magic users that have made pacts with demons for power. It isn't one of the best classes for beginners but it can still be a really fun time to play. Plus, making pacts with demons can be a really cool aspect for a player when coming up with a backstory, or even for a DM to work into a campaign's narrative. It's easy to be a creepy Warlock, and even easier for them to be thrust into creepy situations. For those looking to stay within the realm of day-to-day D&D without any extra supplements, Warlock may be the best way to go.


While not officially a class, it is possible for a player to become a full-fledged lich, at least for those with a DM that doesn't mind homebrewing a little. While there's no official way to become a Lich, most methods involve the Book of Vile Darkness, as well as some good ol' human sacrifice. The deeds that a player typically has to unleash on NPCs to become a lich usually make the characters highly unsettling, especially given how powerful they can become. Facing off against a lich is daunting, with one of the best campaigns of all time, Tomb of Annihilation, requiring players to defeat one. This makes the class all the more interesting to play, and it's already one of the most macabre options. It is up to the DM if they'll allow it, more often than not a lich can be too powerful for a player, but it's still a good time.

Blood Hunter

An addition made by Matthew Mercer and Critical Role, Blood Hunters are something of a mix between Witchers and Sorcerers, having an array of Blood Magic spells that they use to slaughter beasts. Like Witchers, common people usually think of them as cursed or outcasts, though Blood Hunters are typically focused on hunting and killing monsters. The class is incredibly cool. It's an interesting concept, different from what other classes offer from a role-playing perspective, and has a different style of play from what's usually found in a campaign. It may need a Dungeon Master's approval, as it isn't actually in the Player's Handbook, but it's a great option for those that are still looking to shake things up a little bit. If Geralt played D&D, it's the class he would probably choose.

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Cleric - Death Domain

Most Clerics are seen as stalwart protectors, not unlike Paladins, but that isn't always the case. Clerics can also wind up following some evil gods, making them feel a lot less justiciar of light and a lot more bringer of death. Those that follow that crooked path are known as Clerics of the Death Domain. They're usually patrons of liches, necromancers, vampires, or some other evil deity hell-bent on destruction and plague. Clerics are usually pretty fun to play, falling somewhere between a Paladin and a Wizard. They can actually be pretty fun to role-play, and the Death Domain would be a great way to twist that experience. Those looking to perform some evil deeds may want to consider being a Death Domain Cleric.

While not every Halloween campaign is going to be evil, these classes can still be a nice way to shake up the typical hero's tale. They can offer a bit of a break from typical Dungeons and Dragons, for a night or for an entire campaign. Some of them take some time to achieve, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Plus, evil campaigns always make for better Dungeons and Dragons memes.

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