Dungeons and Dragons: Which Class Would Nintendo Characters Play

Nintendo characters can be pretty tame compared to some of the other, grittier video game characters out there, but that doesn't mean they don't enjoy some good old fashioned D20 tossing. But what characters would those gaming icons actually play when they gather around the tabletop?

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9 Mario - Human Fighter

Mario is the "vanilla" Dungeons and Dragons character. He first picked up the game in 5e, and only has, like, two sessions under his belt. He tried to convince his Dungeon Master to let him have some special powerups that he can use to temporarily master any fighting types but got super upset when the DM would only allow it until he got hit by something. He keeps trying to sabotage Yoshi during acrobatics checks just so he can be the only one that makes them.

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8 Samus - Elf Paladin

Samus started playing in 3.5e and has always experimented with strange characters because of it. She usually manages to come up with really dark and interesting backstories but has also created the occasional awful one. No one knew she was playing an Elf at first, but it was her surprise reveal after a long and difficult campaign. She hasn't shown up to a session in quite some time, either. She was planning on playing at a reunion session, but had to reschedule.

7 Captain Falcon - Halfling Monk

Captain Falcon fell off of D&D after 2e but agreed to play occasionally. He always makes really weird characters, but lately has been gravitating to Halfing Monks. He always makes bizarre comments when he defeats a creature, but he isn't super into the combat aspects of the game so it doesn't matter that much. He'll only ever play if everyone else is doing it, but never bothers to try and run his own sessions. When he does get into it though, it's kind of obnoxious. He's the player at the table that tries to sleep their way through every encounter, which was kind of funny the first time but has gotten super old.

6 Link - Half-Elf Ranger

Link always makes up really interesting campaign settings but plays pretty basic characters. He thinks Dungeons and Dragons is just for nerds and only got into it to try and impress a girl when he was a kid. Roleplaying is pretty boring to him, so he usually just hangs back until it's his turn in combat. He does know a ton about enchanted weapons in the game though, and could probably take on any other party member in single combat.

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5 Bowser - Tortle Oathbreaker Paladin

Bowser has been playing since Advanced Dungeons and Dragons but thinks 5e is the best version so far. He played with Mario on occasion, but they always got into arguments at the table so he broke off and started his own campaign. He's super into the idea of a good guy becoming a bad guy, so he made an Oathbreaker Paladin and has been playing it for like 4 years. His group has been stuck on the same campaign for ages, and it's starting to get stale, so he kinda just keeps forcing new people to play as the other ones get bored. He knows pretty much everything there is to know D&D  but is a massive stickler for the rules.

4 Princess Peach - Tiefling Sorcerer

Princess Peach is a 3.5e purest who is being forced to play 5e. She liked the idea of Fey Bloodlines so she decided to be a Sorcerer, but got forced into being a Tiefling because Mario is super controlling. She's played through entire campaigns a few times, but usually, she only makes it to the first session then completely bails on the party. Everyone excused it the first couple of times, but kind of expects it at this point. People are starting suspect that she's been ditching everyone else to go play in Bowser's campaign - he brings better snacks though, so they kind of understand.

3 Fox McCloud - Elf Rogue

Fox was introduced to the game by Slippy Toad and has been playing ever since. Like Link, he also says Dungeons and Dragons is for nerds, but secretly enjoys it way more than he admits. He likes the idea of being dark and mysterious, so he rolled an Elf Rogue with a weirdly dark backstory. He tried to play a Warlock once, but died after the second session and went straight back to Elf Rogue. He and Falco always make the same character, so Falco just tries to role-play an even darker and moodier version.

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2 Kirby - New Character Each Session

Kirby can't hold on to the same character for more than a few weeks. For a while, he was playing an Orc Barbarian, but last night he sent a text to the Dungeons and Dragons group chat that just said "big surprise tomorrow!", and it kind of has the Dungeon Master freaked out. He tried to create a character with one level in each class once, but that was even worse than switching every week.

1 Master Hand - Always Gets Roped Into DMing

Master Hand has a ton of cool ideas for characters, but always gets forced to DM because no one else wants to. He went to a couple of Bowser's sessions as an Aarakockra Artificier with a really deep backstory, but got tired of playing the same adventure every week so went back to being a Dungeon Master. He isn't stoked about it, but its better than not playing at all.

All of these characters have played together at some point, but they usually hang out in their home groups. Some of them still play all the time, but a few of them just had life steadily get in the way until they couldn't play anymore. Most of them kind of miss it, but not enough to actually organize a new session.

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