Homebrewing is perhaps the best part of any Dungeons & Dragons experience, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that someone has created a Monster Manual-esque Pokedex for 5e. This Pokemon conversion, for the moment, contains the original 151 Pokemon. Fans of tabletop games and Pokemon may very well want to check this out while waiting for Pokemon on the Nintendo Switch to release (which is rumored to be a reboot.)

Courtesy of Caniswolfman24, these monster stats could make any 5e encounter interesting, but the idea of facing Mewtwo with any class in Dungeons & Dragons is daunting. Pitting these monsters against each in Pokemon battles may be the preferred way to utilize this homebrew, but that’s the beauty of tabletop games – to each their own.

Nevertheless, the creator of this conversion has noted that some of the Pokemon are perhaps unbalanced. Luckily, as his Johto conversion is almost ready to debut (with the starters already viewable), he has recently learned a lot about monster creation. This hopefully means that the Johto Pokedex will be more balanced, but nevertheless, check out some of the Pokemon conversions below:








A game utilizing these Pokemon stats would definitely be the game a player doesn’t want to miss, but the fortitude of many-a-tabletop player is immense, such as this D&D player who played from the intensive care unit. As indicated in the above images, the prospect of having one of the legendary birds or even a simple starter is motivation enough to come to a game. If Kanto or Johto Pokemon aren’t reason enough, then perhaps this player will eventually go to Hoenn and beyond.

With the Johto Pokedex forthcoming, it will be interesting to see the stats of Entei, Suicune, Raikou, Ho-oh, Lugia, and Celebi. While homebrew Pokemon will likely liven up any tabletop session, some may consider this too strange to include in a game. At the very least, most can probably agree that this conversion isn’t as strange as Old Spice’s recently-introduced Gentleman class. Of course, that doesn’t prevent someone from playing a Gentleman with a Pokemon companion.

Dungeons & Dragons is available in print and is also available digitally through Dungeons & Dragons Beyond.

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