D&D Reveals Dungeon Mayhem 'Monster Madness' Expansion

dungeon mayhem monster madness

Dungeons and Dragons is a time-honored hobby for all walks of life, and even crosses over into video games all the time. Despite being decades old, Dungeons and Dragons is more popular than ever. Thanks to this fact, the popular all-ages card game Dungeon Mayhem has successfully rolled out a new expansion called Monster Madness.

Dungeon Mayhem is an up-to-4-player card game where players competitively explore a dungeon, dealing damage to monsters, while other players suffer "unintended consequences." Glory, bragging rights, and treasure are the rewards of this family-friendly Dungeons & Dragons spin-off game, much like the rewards of a standard Dungeons & Dragons game.

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The new expansion, Monster Madness, puts a twist on the original premise. This time, players take on the role of one of six D&D monsters like a Mind Flayer or Beholder. The expansion has new spells, treasure, and even a bigger box to store the expansion and original game together. Additional rules for Monster Madness also allow for 6 players.

D&D monster madness expansion

The rules of Dungeons and Dragons are famous and often spoofed, for being a bit complicated. So much so that there are even house rules that change some of the more intricate onesDungeon Mayhem has a simplified version of these rules as they pertain to the objective. Simple rules like hit points, attacking and defending, healing, etc. all make an appearance. But this game brings cards into the mix for a bit of randomness to make up for the lack of a dungeon master.

Dungeon Mayhem and its expansion Monster Madness won't be a chilling epic like Baldur's Gate 3, but it's something that fans of all ages can enjoy with its tongue-in-cheek art style and lightness. Both games feature art from Cam Kendell, with the expansion featuring silly portrayals of D&D's most sinister monsters. This includes an awkwardly pretty Beholder named Delilah Deathray, a fancy gentleman Mind Flayer named Dr. Tentaculous, and a Gelatinous Cube who's just happy to be there named Blorp.

For those looking for a centerpiece for family game night, Monster Madness may be just the thing to get the family around the table, and even the little ones to get their feet wet in the world of fantasy.

Dungeon Mayhem is available now at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Target, and many local game stores. The expansion, Monster Madness will hit store shelves on February 14, 2020.

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