Dungeons and Dragons is Getting an Official Companion App

Dungeons and Dragons Beyond Application

Dungeons and Dragons is one of the oldest roleplaying games that still remains popular today, with the dice-rolling tabletop game being a de facto hallmark of the RPG experience: its been featured in everything from Stranger Things to Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and remains a strong element of popular gaming culture to this day. While fans have always had to rely on either pen-and-paper or unofficial products to keep track of the goings-on of their D&D adventures, Wizards of the Coast has just announced that Dungeons and Dragons is finally getting a long-awaited digital companion application.

Entitled D&D Beyond, the official game management tool will help players new and old keep track of things like player creation, leveling up, spells, inventory, and the rules that govern the Dungeons and Dragons universe (no news on if this will update when new editions come out, though). The application is being designed by Curse, the Twitch-owned company that specializes in multiplatform management tools.

Interested adventurers and dungeon masters alike can sign up for a beta for the application here.

The application will also allow users to create their own homebrew content and share them with other D&D Beyond users, which makes it much easier for dungeon masters to distribute their custom-crafted rules during sessions. Those who have spent time leafing through the official Dungeons and Dragons handbook looking for a certain spell or item will also be excited about the application's search functionality, which should trim down the time spent on logistics instead of critical rolls.

With the pun-appropriate tagline of "Give yourself advantage," there's no doubt that D&D Beyond will be a handy tool for those looking to cut out unofficial sources or pen-and-papper tracking - though it isn't currently known what the application will cost upon its release, if anything.

Given that the official Player's Handbook retails for around $30, it'll be interesting to see how Wizards of the Coast plans on pricing the companion tool. We'd also recommend digital dungeon masters give the free iOS application "RPG Sounds: Fantasy" a try, as it can really help set the scene in most situations.

The above trailer states that D&D Beyond is slated to come out this summer, with further details about both the beta and launch date scheduled to come soon.

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