Dungeon Siege 3: New Character Trailers and Release Date

Dungeon Siege 3 Release Delay Character Trailers

Square Enix has some good news and some bad news for those looking forward to the impending release of Dungeon Siege 3. The bad news? The release date, which was originally set for May 31, 2011, has now officially been moved back to June 21, 2011. While no reason was offered for the delay, the Japanese software company has previously shown that it was unafraid to delay a title in order to fine tune the overall experience. The good news? Square Enix has released two new trailers for two of the playable characters in this action RPG.

For those unfamiliar with the newest installment in this series, Dungeon Siege 3, which is being developed by Obsidian Entertainment, will allow gamers to play as one of four characters in the fight to restore the mythical land of Ehb either in solo or co-op play. Two of the characters have been previously announced: Anjari the Archon and Lucas Montbarron. We previously got a chance to see Anjali in action at PAX East and were impressed with her "Human Torch" like powers. Now Square Enix has released further information on Lucas Montbarron:

Lucas Montbarron is the son of the former Grand Master of the Legion. He is the last of a noble and respected line. Raised in a series of safehouses by families loyal to his father's memory, Lucas will not rest until the Legion is rebuilt, and his family's honor is restored. Lucas has been taught the art of combat in the ancient and deadly style of the Legion.

Lucas is a skilled swordsman, and a master of two combat stances. He can fight with a sword and shield, which allows him to attack quickly, deal heavy damage, and interrupt and stun single targets. When outnumbered, he wields a massive two-handed sword. While slower to swing and less practical for one-on-one combat, its can strike multiple foes and knock them back, making it an ideal weapon for crowd control.

See Lucas in action here (but be sure to ignore the release date in the video):


In addition, Square Enix has also announced the name of the third playable character, Katarina:

Katarina is the illegitimate daughter of Hugh Montbarron - the former Grand Master of the Legion - and a Lescanzi witch. Her mother's people are nomads and wanderers, distrusted by many people in Ehb... but they are skilled in both warfare and magic, and Katarina has been trained in their ways. Katarina takes a thoroughly practical approach to conflict resolution: stay out of sword's reach, and settle your problems with firearms. With her rifle in hand, she can fell distant foes, and even the most resilient enemy can be brought down by her ensorcelled bullets and debilitating curses. When forced into close combat, Katarina uses sorcery and a pair of short-range shotguns to repel attackers.

See Angelina Jolie, um, I mean Katarina take out her enemies here:


Based upon our hands-on and the video trailers released to date, Dungeon Siege 3 looks to be a fun action romp for gamers to play with their friends. We're still interested to see whether the RPG story elements will assist or hinder the overall multiplayer experience, however. With the new late June release date, Dungeon Siege 3 certainly has an opportunity to win over an audience as there will be little competition during that time frame.

Impressed by the new character trailers? Disappointed by the announced delay? Be sure to let us know.

Dungeon Siege 3 releases on June 21, 2011, for Windows PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

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