11 Dumbest Looking Pokemon

11 Dumbest Looking Pokemon - Mr. Mime, Vanillite, and Bidoof

With over 700 Pokemon known to the world, some of them were bound to be poorly designed. These 11 Pokemon in particular are the dumbest looking of the bunch.

When the Pokemon franchise debuted, there were originally 151 Pokemon for players to catch. Designing that many creatures had to have been a monumental challenge for the developers at Game Freak, and while most Pokemon from the first generation are well-designed, there are a couple that have left people scratching their heads.

20 years since the launch of the original Pokemon games in Japan, and there are now over 700 pocket monsters running around. Understandably, there have been plenty more poorly designed Pokemon since then, and we took it upon ourselves to determine which Pokemon are the dumbest looking of them all.

11 Bidoof

11 Dumbest Looking Pokemon - Bidoof

Bidoof has been described as the "inbred offspring of a teddy bear and a beaver," which is pretty spot on, and should probably be in its official Pokedex entry. Bidoof is the Rattata-equivalent in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, meaning players are constantly encountering this goofy Pokemon in the early areas of the games, making it not only dumb looking, but also very annoying.

10 Foongus

11 Dumbest Looking Pokemon - Foongus

A mushroom Pokemon is not a bad idea in and of itself, but the Pokeball design on Foongus' cap is what makes the creature dumb looking. Since Pokeballs are man-made items used to capture Pokemon, it's strange that Foongus would just naturally look like a Pokeball, and its evolved form, Amoonguss, is not much better. In fact, Amoonguss boasts a couple of Pokeball-style shields to go with the one on its head, making it an even more ridiculous concept for a Pokemon.

9 Jynx

11 Dumbest Looking Pokemon - Jynx

Pokemon designs nowadays don't seem to drum up much controversy, but there have been a few in the past that have caused quite a stir. One of those Pokemon is Jynx, whose original design made it look like an actor wearing blackface. Game Freak received enough complaints that it eventually altered Jynx's appearance, changing the color of its face from black to purple, but the damage was done, and Jynx's reputation ruined. Jynx will forever be associated with negative racial stereotypes, and as a result, some episodes of the Pokemon anime featuring the creature have been permanently pulled from rotation.

8 Klefki

11 Dumbest Looking Pokemon - Klefki

Some have accused Game Freak of running out of ideas when it comes to designing new Pokemon for the most recent Pokemon games. Pokemon like Klefki from Pokemon X & Y seem to confirm that sentiment, as it is just a floating key ring with a face. It's hard to imagine what designer Mana Ibe was thinking when she dreamed up Klefki, but it wouldn't be surprising if she decided to take inspiration from whatever happened to be in her pocket that day.

7 Klink

11 Dumbest Looking Pokemon - Klink, Klang, Klingklang, and Eevee

For those unfamiliar with Pokemon, no, Klink is not the cute little fox in the bottom left-hand corner. That would be Eevee, a Pokemon that is infinitely superior to Klink in just about every way imaginable. Klink is the pair of floating metal gears, apparently Siamese twins, whose design is made worse by the fact that it's conceptually very similar to Magnemite. So, not only is Klink dumb looking, but it's unoriginal as well.

6 Luvdisc

11 Dumbest Looking Pokemon - Luvdisc

Speaking of unoriginal, lazy Pokemon designs, meet Luvdisc. Whereas some Pokemon are impressively realized, awe-inspiring creatures, Luvdisc is just a sideways heart with eyes. Luvdisc has earned a lot of deserved hate over the years for its appearance, but it's also notable for being one of the most useless Pokemon in battle. Between its dumb looking appearance and lacking battle performance, Luvdisc is one of the worst Pokemon all around.

5 Mr. Mime

11 Dumbest Looking Pokemon - Mr. Mime

It seems as though humanoid Pokemon are rarely well received, and Mr. Mime is no exception. Mr. Mime is basically a combination of the creepiest bits of clowns and mimes, making it more disturbing than many of the franchise's ghost-type Pokemon. Its unsettling appearance and odd design arguably makes Mr. Mime the dumbest looking of all the first-generation Pokemon.

4 Stunfisk

11 Dumbest Looking Pokemon - Stunfisk

There are some Pokemon that look like dragons and can shoot devastating beams of energy at their opponents. Then there are Pokemon like Stunfisk, which looks like a fish was flattened by a steamroller and had its face surgically reattached to the top of its head. Perhaps fans would be more forgiving when it comes to Stunfisk's ugliness if it evolved into something like Gyarados as Magikarp can do, but for now, it will be known as one of the dumbest looking, least desirable Pokemon.

3 Swirlix

11 Dumbest Looking Pokemon - Swirlix

Since most Pokemon are based on animals, it's always off-putting when Nintendo makes one based on inanimate objects or food. Swirlix, a floating ball of cotton candy, is one such Pokemon based on food. Swirlix being sentient cotton candy is bad enough, but its evolved form, Slurpuff, is outright creepy looking. Slurpuff is a fat, clownish thing that has the special ability of "identifying sweet smells," which doesn't seem all that useful in Pokemon battles.

2 Trubbish

11 Dumbest Looking Pokemon - Trubbish

Even though Trubbish is literally a trash bag with a face, some might say that there's a hint of cuteness to it. Unfortunately, Trubbish eventually evolves into Garbodor, a horrific monster that looks like someone filled Trubbish with too much garbage and its bag ripped open. The designs for Trubbish and Garbodor are so ridiculous that when they eventually come to the augmented reality game Pokemon GO, some players may be hesitant to waste Pokeballs on the poorly thought out, dumb looking creatures.

1 Vanillite

11 Dumbest Looking Pokemon - Vanillite

As we stated earlier, it's weird when Game Freak designs Pokemon based on food, and Vanillite is no exception. Vanillite is an ice cream cone that evolves into Vanillish, a bigger ice cream cone, which then evolves into Vanilluxe, two scoops of ice cream with a straw sticking out of one of its heads. So far, none of the new Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon are based on ice cream or any other frozen treats, and hopefully it stays that way.

11 Dumbest Looking Pokemon - Bidoof, Klefki, Klink, and Stunfisk

While we singled out these 11 Pokemon as the dumbest looking of them all, there are still plenty of other poorly designed Pokemon out in the wild, and likely more to come in future games. Hopefully Game Freak learns from its past mistakes, and we see less Pokemon like the ones listed here, and more creative pocket monster designs.

Let us know which Pokemon from the Pokemon franchise you think are the dumbest looking in the comments below.

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