Duke Nukem Forever Soundboard Hits IOS Devices

The Duke Nukem series has managed to survive over the years on little more than controversy and the over-the-top nature of its titular hero. With Duke Nukem Forever finally nearing release after being in development since 1997, Gearbox Studios has been taking the same approach to marketing as that of the series’ protagonist, poking fun at the game’s incredibly long development cycle as well as the excessive nature of the game’s humor. In a continued attempt to let the world know that it’s finally on its way, Gearbox Studios has released a free Duke Nukem Forever soundboard for iOS devices.

Available now on the iTunes Store, those of you who are itching to get your hands on Duke’s big return next month now have something new to tide you over. The app is touted to be available worldwide on iOS devices, but at the moment of writing, the Canadian store is not able to access it.

This may only be a temporary issue, so Canadian gamers may still be in luck. Regardless, the app is priced at the incredibly affordable cost of free, and allows fans to unleash some of Duke’s most famous one-liners upon the world.

Coming equipped with over 25 famous lines from the foul mouth of the Duke himself, fans can bring Duke Nukem’s attitude and wit with them wherever they go. Want to finally break the ice and talk to that special someone? Build up the courage with your “balls of steel”. Tired of bullies getting you down? Remind them that they should “hail to the king”. Wherever you are, the Duke Nukem Forever soundboard is sure to make any mundane situation into something inappropriate.

With the game’s launch quickly approaching and a demo on its way for June 3rd, there’s no doubt that Duke Nukem will be one of the biggest subjects of talk inside and outside of the gaming world. Generating controversy due to the advent and sudden removal of a gay robot sidekick as well as numerous raunchy trailers, it’s become apparent that the Duke Nukem everyone came to love and hate in the past is truly back, and more over-the-top and excessive than ever before.

While it may not be the best-looking game on the market, Duke Nukem Forever is shaping up to be exactly what fans of the series have been expecting all these years. With it’s combination of big guns, potty humor, and scantily-clad women, fans are sure to love playing this game just as much as parents will love criticizing it. After all, it wouldn’t be a Duke Nukem game without it receiving its fair share of controversy and hate.

Will you be picking up the Duke Nukem Forever soundboard on iOS devices? Do you feel that the game will live up to the expectations?

Duke Nukem Forever is slated to finally hit shelves on June 10th internationally, and June 14th in North America for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.