Duke Nukem Forever is still a couple of months away from release after a brief delay, but Gearbox wants to assure fans that the title is coming and has done so by releasing a new trailer in an attempt to retain their attention.

Duke Nukem games in general are known for a few things: explosions, ass kicking, and women. That’s why the latest trailer for the upcoming Duke Nukem Forever game should come as absolutely no surprise to anyone who even knows a little bit about the series and what it entails.

The latest trailer shows off The King, Duke Nukem, as he goes around raising hell, kicking ass, and hitting on some topless virtual babes. One of the main focal points of the new ‘Come Get Some’ trailer is Duke’s new fleet of vehicles that he can drive through different levels in. Ladies are also in abundance in this trailer, and they’re showing off some of Duke Nukem Forever‘s greatest assets. But it all comes together with some of the game’s shiny new graphics, which are sure to please even the most dedicated Duke fan.

You can see the new Duke Nukem Forever trailer in all of its uncensored glory below, but be warned that this is NSFW:

[bitsontherun eW8rEPr2-Vytok908]

As you can see, Duke Nukem is back and better than ever in Duke Nukem Forever. The game is sure to be filled with over the top action (16-18 hours worth), as well as an unsettling amount of potty humor, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Duke Nukem Forever will have quite a bit violence in it (which everyone expected), but the game has never looked better since Gearbox took the wheel. Hopefully they can release a game that fans and critics alike will enjoy, but that could prove especially hard if they are trying to balance the development of both Duke Nukem and the rumored Borderlands 2.

Look forward to Duke Nukem hitting North American shores later this year on June 14th , and everywhere else on June 10th.

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