Duke Nukem Forever Party in Vegas

duke nukem party in vegas

With the release date of Duke Nukem Forever on our heels, this upcoming Monday February 7th, Gearbox Software is hosting a party where contest winners will get to preview the game while partying it up 21 and up style. Although the signup page is down now, this night of debauchery wasn't just given to the contestants. Each one of them had to write a short 100-word essay stating why Gearbox should choose them for the event.

The winners will receive two VIP tickets to Duke Nukem's "Titty City", in Vegas. Yea, It's seriously called Titty City and it's not really that surprising.

Just in case you were wondering what type of time will be had by the contest winners, this is the full disclosure statement from the contest sign-up.

"The Duke Nukem Press Party in Las Vegas is designed to provide a portrayal of the up-coming Duke Nukem Forever videogame (the "Game"). The Duke Nukem Press Party in Las Vegas is a portrayal of elements from the Game that contains alcohol use, female nudity, and adult content. Viewer discretion is advised. Before any Winner is allowed in to the Duke Nukem Press Party in Las Vegas, each Winner will be required to sign a release acknowledging this disclosure. Should a Winner decide not to attend the Party because of the possibility of objectionable elements, the Winner must so state the reason for not attending the Party and the Sponsor will provide a substitute prize."

I do have to say that this is one of the most interesting press events that I have heard of in quite some time. It seems like the people at Gearbox are determined to give its contest winners some real life experiences of the game. At least with this route, even if the winners don't enjoy what the game has to offer they can still say that they had a good time in Vegas.

Maybe after Vegas, Gearbox will get back to resolving the pre-order issue for people who already put cash down for the game.

Duke Nukem Forever is set to release May 3, 2011 for the 360, PS3, and PC

Source: Gearbox Software

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