Duke Nukem Forever Launch Trailer

Few games have a reputation as notorious as that of Duke Nukem Forever. For years, gamers everywhere were convinced that it would never see the light of day. Now, 14 years later, Duke is just weeks away from making his triumphant return to the gaming world in all his over-the-top, lewd glory.

While it’s been a long, difficult road for the developers at Gearbox Software as they’ve worked diligently to bring back one of the most iconic faces in gaming, anticipation has never been higher. As the release date looms closer, fans are all asking the same question: Will it be worth the wait? If the game’s launch trailer is any indication, patient loyalists of the series and newcomers alike should be in for quite a treat.

Some gamers will be sure to point out the fact that Duke Nukem Forever is not the best looking game on the market. While this is true, these people are completely missing out on the appeal of the series.

The graphics in Duke Nukem Forever manage to complement the humor and gameplay which has made the series what it is. Without the cartoony graphics, the game would have taken on a completely different tone and may have lost some of its appeal. This keeps it from taking on too much of a serious tone which is what sets the game apart from other shooters on the market.

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As such, the Duke Nukem series has always been about pushing the boundaries of what can be shown in a game. Whether this is the over-the-top gore of ripping out an enemy’s eye and punting it across a football field, Duke’s many lewd one-liners, or the gratuitous number of scantily clad women that populate his games, Duke has always been a censor’s worst nightmare.

Luckily for fans, Duke Nukem Forever looks to be no different. Where the game may lack in graphical quality, it looks to make up for in gameplay variety and humor. While the game is primarily a straight-forward first-person shooter, it also looks as if gamers will get a chance to pilot multiple vehicles and, among other things, take your havoc to the sky with the help of a jetpack. There looks to be no shortage of things to do in-game, even if they are small distractions that highlight the game’s humor.

Even after bearing witness to numerous over-the-top trailers, the novelty of Duke Nukem Forever still hasn’t worn thin. While it is not a game that will be universally accepted, gamers who are looking for a first-person shooter that doesn’t take itself seriously should be extremely excited to get their hands on the newest entry in the Duke Nukem series.

Are you still excited to get your hands on this long-delayed game? What are you most looking forward to in-game?

Duke Nukem Forever finally hits shelves on June 10th internationally, and June 14th in North America for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. For those of you who can’t stand the wait, a demo is set to be released on June 3rd.