At this point, the drama over Duke Nukem Forever‘s delay is testing the patience of even the most loyal fans. Luckily, those patiently awaiting another chance to step into the jeans and torn gloves of Duke have something other than the game’s launch to look forward to. The release date is still set in stone at June 14 in North America, but now Gearbox has announced that a demo is going to be released on June 3. Unfortunately, it won’t be open to everyone.

While Gearbox President Randy Pitchford may be able to get everyone nervous by making an announcement of any kind after delaying DNF in March, this is unquestionably good news. The demo will only be available to First Access Club members, being those who have pre-ordered DNF from participating retailers, or those who purchased Borderlands Game of the Year Edition.

If you invested in either you should be receiving an email from the publisher, confirming what system you want to play the demo on already.

Check out the official announcement video from Pitchford below:


With a ridiculous ESRB content rating longer than Duke’s development cycle, Gearbox and 2K games are not going to be doing the raunchy franchise’s image any favors – search for Duke Nukem Forever and the internet’s top returns would give conservative parenting groups lawsuit fodder for years. But the fact is that it’s a new Duke game, and a softer tone would have ensured that this 14-year journey would end in tears for all fans involved.

Duke Nukem Forever looks promising with cool weapons and critter designs, and it should be fun to play a lighter-toned shooter on the streets of Vegas – a welcome change in tone from the war simulations or space marine FPS’s that have dominated the market for so long.

Will you be trying out the Duke demo? Or are you not confident enough to pre-order the game just yet?

Either way, we’ll have a much better idea of how well Duke Nukem Forever‘s development has paid off when the demo arrives on June 3, and the full game on June 14 for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

Source: Gamespot