A company named Precision Syndicate has modified a Glock pistol to resemble the iconic Duck Hunt Zapper gun, which is making big waves on social media.

It’s been about 32 years since Duck Hunt flew into NES consoles worldwide, and gamers who played the title as children are now middle-aged people with plenty of new hobbies for which they can apply their videogame-based interests and nostalgia to. Video games blend in easily with plenty of other mediums, and fans have gone on to make everything from live-action films to authentic-looking boardgame adaptations. This week, however, one company is making waves for mixing two things most would assume don’t go together: Nintendo and guns.

A Texas-based company named Precision Syndicate LLC posted two photographs of a modified Glock handgun, which underwent a custom painting and modification process to make the pistol resemble the classic Duck Hunt Zapper, an accessory released alongside the game in 1984 that allowed intrepid young duck hunters to point the device at the television and shoot at in-game fowl.

Duck Hunt Zapper Gun

The reaction to the company’s post on Facebook has been very mixed, with plenty of fans commending the nod to videogame nostalgia, with others concerned that making a lethal weapon look like a toy is a bad idea in general. It must be said that these nay-sayers do have a point, as it was less than two years ago that twelve year old Tamir Rice was fatally shot when police officers mistook his toy gun for a real weapon – and that kind of incident isn’t unheard of.

Despite the controversy, many fans also inquired on how they could purchase the modified Glock, which is likely a one-time custom job done by the company and won’t be up for mass production. If it was mass produced then it would likely lead to a plethora of legal issues from their use of Nintendo’s name and registered trademark. Nintendo itself hasn’t commented on the fan-made weapon, and while the Big N has plenty of patents on the go, we have to imagine none of them are ballistic-based.

Duck Hunt received a minor resurgence to modern relevancy when the character Duck Hunt Dog was included in the Super Smash Bros roster, where he even summoned the original NES Zapper for use in-game. In the case of Precision Syndicate’s recreation, however, anyone on the receiving end of the weapon would lose much more than a stock.

The company hasn’t responded to media inquiries about the Duck Hunt Zapper Glock, but are likely enjoying the massive follower boost the controversy has brought their business.

What do you think about the unofficial Nintendo Duck Hunt Zapper Glock, Ranters?

Source: Precision Syndicate

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