Someone Managed to Make Duck Hunt in Super Mario Maker 2

mario maker 2 duck hunt course

A clever maker in Super Mario Maker 2 created a course that emulates the NES classic Duck Hunt using some koopa troopas and a few special blocks. The course traps Mario in a tiny box and forces him to "shoot" at the flying enemies to beat the stage.

Makers in Super Mario Maker 2 constantly come up with a ton of fun ideas. The unlimited potential leads to so many wild levels that sometimes finding good Mario Maker 2 courses requires curation. But despite the platforming focus of Mario games, not all Mario makers choose to build their courses around performing tricky jumps and avoiding enemies.

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Many makers like to get creative and use the limited toolset to challenge themselves, bending Super Mario Maker 2's course creation options to emulate other kinds of games entirely. This latest example takes inspiration from the very heart of Nintendo's classic Mario franchise by combining it once again with a game that it partnered with on its initial release: Duck Hunt.

mario maker 2 duck hunt course

This Mario Maker course, uploaded by Kray0n and simply called "Duck Hunt," takes Mario through a door that traps him in a tiny room with an ON/OFF switch above him. Above that, a large room that fills the entire screen contains ten or so flying koopa troopas that the player must defeat. The koopa troopas bounce around on music blocks into the crosshairs in the center of the screen.

For the crosshairs, the maker used the outlines of the missing ON/OFF blocks. When Mario bumps the ON/OFF switch, it turns on those blocks. With the right timing, the player can make the blocks turn on as a koopa troopa flies overtop of them and this will defeat the koopa troopa. Mario has to defeat 7 in order to complete the course and the maker has put the course flag right under Mario's feet so the level auto-completes when the player meets the course clear condition. The player does not have to defeat all of the koopa troopas, which erases any possible frustration in trying to nail down a last tricky few. While the course doesn't challenge players as much as other more difficult Mario Maker 2 courses, it's still a ton of fun.

To add a little bit of nostalgia, the maker of course put the whole thing in the original Super Mario Bros. theme. It wouldn't make sense any other way considering, as mentioned above, Duck Hunt launched as a package with the first major Mario title. Folks who own Super Mario Maker 2 can try the course for themselves using course ID: 7Y1-X73-71G.

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Source: Kotaku

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